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A Two-Legged Right Hand Drive Model T Ford

A Two-Legged Right Hand Drive Model T Ford

The Ford Motor Company gave the Model “T” Ford the advertising slogan – The Universal Car. And this photo of a right hand drive Ford made either in Canada for export, or the United Kingdom proves it, because this one can walk.

Directly under the driver appears to be a right angle drive that attaches to the back of the Ford power plant. Following that a chain drives the large sprocket visible just in front of the legs. Behind it must be a slow-turning mechanism that actuates the legs via the round connecting rods. The rods can be seen attached to a pivot at the bottom where the feet attach.

Surly someone must know something about this car. Is it real, a World War I design exercise, or is it a spoof? The photo was posted by Danny Weil at the Antique Motorcycle Club of America.

14 responses to “A Two-Legged Right Hand Drive Model T Ford

  1. Unseen in this still image is how this pedicar must have gone about it’s travel. There’s no way such a configuration would have had anything near the smooth gait of a lame Tennessee Walker.

    I’m sure the swaying side to side movement would have been severe enough to cause blurred vision and whiplash for the hapless driver. Of course the advantage would be… uh…

  2. NOTICE that the squeeze bulb for the horn is missing ! NOT needed at 4 M.P.H.! I have concluded that this IS the ultimate in parade vehcle: NOT ONLY can it proceed slowly, it has the denfinite advantage of no one having to follow after to pick up animal manure!!! (my apologies to ALL PARADE HORSES !) Edwin.

    • What makes you believe it’s missing, as opposed to hanging inside the vehicle near the driver’s hand, merely out of view of the photographer?

  3. I’m going to turn up at the next steam punk convention in one of these!
    Ok, it isn’t steam driven, but it looks like it came out of the same vein of thought!
    I’ll probably have to leave home a few hours earlier than usual to get there in time…then again I just might walk!

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