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An Early Auto Parts Store in the United Kingdom

circa 1910 auto parts and bicycle store

This sure would be a dream come true for an enthusiast of early automobiles and bicycles to stumble into and find untouched. It is a circa 1910 auto parts, and bicycle store (stockist in the UK), and the shelves and cabinets are loaded with parts and supplies to keep everything on both two and four wheels rolling. Let us know if you can identify the name and location. The photos are via Twist Grip. * Update * It turns out that these are not a vintage photos. This is a replica shop in the Beamish Museum in North England. 

circa 1910 auto parts and bicycle store

2 responses to “An Early Auto Parts Store in the United Kingdom

  1. It’s amazing how much changes between the two photos. The first thing that I noticed is that the set of keys hanging on the cabinet disappear. Then I started to notice the changing tail/cowl lights on the counter, the disappearing headlamp in the lower center compartment, and the disappearing bulb horn along with other items.

    In the second photo, two interesting tools, hanging on the cabinet, are what looks like paddles that are used to determine the size of a screw or bolt. I’m not sure that is the purpose of the paddles, but it seems like a likely possibility.

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