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A Maharajah’s Model “T” Ford Tiger Hunting Car

A Maharajah's Model "T" Ford Tiger Hunting Car

After seeing images of expensive coachbuilt Rolls-Royce hunting cars constructed for the Maharajah’s of India, this 1920s Model “T” Ford represents a complete change in direction to what is customarily seen. The Ford, produced at the Worli, India assembly plant was blacked out and painted with simulated Zebra stripes.

Extra equipment includes; a small fold-out pantry, a combination running board seat and tool box, storage for cartridges and a spotlight. The lowly, but nimble and reliable Ford probably made a excellent choice in the brush instead of a large long-wheelbase Rolls. The photos are courtesy of the  AACA Library & Research Center Ford History Files.

A Maharajah's Model "T" Ford Tiger Hunting Car

A Maharajah's Model "T" Ford Tiger Hunting Car

5 responses to “A Maharajah’s Model “T” Ford Tiger Hunting Car

  1. Being in India, it’s highly unlikely that this car was painted in the colours of a zebra. It would most likely be yellow or orange with black strips, the colours of a tiger.

  2. Interesting but, if I had a choice, I would prefer a Rolls Royce!

    I am wondering if this might be an aftermarket item. It seems odd to me that Ford would offer an option like this for which there wouldn’t be much demand. Does anyone know if there was a Ford assembly plant at Worli, which is in then Bombay/now Mumbai? Also, what is mounted inside the rear door in the first photo?

    • Tony, The photo which is from the AACA is identified as being at the Ford Assembly Plant in Worli.

      The open left rear door shows where the gun cartridges were stored.

      I would image it was done on a special request or for PR purposes.

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