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1935 Auburn Speedster

An Impressive Southern California Vogue Tyres Billboard

Everything, it seems, is more lavish in Southern California than elsewhere, so it is only logical that one of the most unique billboards ever seen was located there. This landmark was owned the MacDonald-Dodson Tire Co. that was the Western distributor for Vogue Tyres until as late as the mid-fifties. It is not known exactly where this billboard was located or if there were others.

A series of these photos exist with different brands of cars inside the little showroom, so it appears MacDonald-Dodson worked out an arrangement with local automobile dealers to host their cars with Vogue tires on them. Changes in the sign can be seen between the 1935 photo with the Auburn Speedster, and the image below taken later in the thirties. In the postwar years, the billboard was redesigned, and the car was no longer behind glass. The photos are courtesy of the USC Libraries.

* Update * Reader Andrew Schalcter has identified the sign on the lamp pole below as being a Norwalk Tires sign.


4 responses to “An Impressive Southern California Vogue Tyres Billboard

  1. The Norwalk sign in the corner appears to be a Norwalk Tire Company Sign. They were a company from the east. I believe they were based in Connecticut. There is also a Norwalk Ohio which was the birthplace of the Fisher Brothers of General Motors fame. As well as Norwalk California.

    In any case I like the “Mint in Box” Auburn.

  2. There were at least two of these Vogue billboards in LA.. Here is the information for the location of the one in the second image.

    Catalog description says Wilshire at Mansfield in LA.

    “Cars are traveling east on Wilshire Boulevard at Mansfield Avenue. Seen, from left to right, an Associated Oil service station, Vogue Tyres, a neon Gilmore Oil sign, and two Foster and Kleiser billboards: one for Greyhound and the other for iced coffee. Photograph dated June 26, 1941. LAPL 00104585.” Note the image identification and click through to compare the image with the one posted here.

    The second location was Wilshire and Stanley.

    Solved here:

  3. There are some dead give-aways that say “WILSHIRE BLVD” 1. The phone number is PRospect 6159 of which Part or most of the MIRACLE MILE of Wilshire BLVD had This telephone # “PR” PREFIX in those days. 2. The STREETLAMP STYLE is ONLY on Wilshire Blvd’s “Miracle Mile” 3. NO Fords in the picture as this is Cadillac territory. 4. Notice the Higher height of the Flying “A” Station’s tower. This is the West Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area where Auburns were more common than other parts of “LA”. Gasoline stations in this area had fully uniformed attandants and were among the last to surrender to “self serve”. 4. There are many photgraphs in the USC Doheny Library Collection that show “the best” of los Angeles. This 3-D billboard with neon is one of them! When younger, I had full access to this fine library’s rare books & photo collections.

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