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Grant Motors Rambler Sales – Eugene, Oregon

* Updated * Thanks to Alden Jewell we now have a complete color view of the Grant Motors Dealership. The facility with the fastest electric meter in the city was located at 7th and Grant Street in Eugene, Oregon. Judging by the appearance of this circa 1963 photo it was a successful dealership. The view above shows the used car lot, the new car showroom and display was on the right-hand side of Grant Street as indicated by the sign. The sales operation that was  located under thousands of light bulbs is now a Kia Dealership. Let us know if you can tell us anything about this Rambler dealer. The photo is via Americar.

Grant Motors Rambler Sales  Eugene, Oregon

5 responses to “Grant Motors Rambler Sales – Eugene, Oregon

  1. I have a business card from Grant Motors Inc. Address is listed as West 7th & Grant. Eugene, Oregon
    Robert J. Gilbert President
    Reverse side is a color picture taken at night from roughly the same location.
    Have no idea the date of card and/or picture.

  2. When I was a kid, we had a 1963 Rambler 990 Ambassador with a 327 cid 2 barrel V-8 automatic bought new from DeWitt Motors in Akron OH. What a great old car that was. I learned to drive on it and took my drivers test in it in 1971. Dad also bought a new 1964 Simca 1000 from this dealership. The terror of Volkswagens everywhere, it was.

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