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Dashing Through the Snow with a Hupmobile Motor Sleigh

1911 Hupmobile Model 20 Torpedo Roadster

The earliest automobiles converted into snowmobiles pre-dated the Model “T” Ford conversion units by quite a few years and here we have an excellent example of one. It is is a Hupmobile Model 20 Torpedo Roadster that is set on a framework with two sleds and appears to be driven by not one, but two helical screws. If you can tell us anything about this machine or who converted it, please let us know. You can learn all about the Hupp 20 here in an earlier post.

Charles E.S. Burch of Seattle, Washington filed a patent on June 20, 1907, for a similar device that is seen below that was driven by two helical screws. The drive to the two screws is by V-shaped chain drive assemblies that can be seen in the patent drawing; the rest of the patent can be found here. You can also look back on ten other Motor-Sleighs we have covered earlier and an equal number of automobiles converted into snowmobiles.  


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