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1920s Stutz Touring Car Anti-Automobile Thief Association of America

Anti-Automobile Thief Association of America – Thieves Beware

This early 1920s photo courtesy of Fred Carlton shows two armed representatives of the Anti-Automobile Thief Association of America in a Stutz Touring Car in Dallas, Texas; it gets the message across that they meant business. If rifle did not, its newspaper advertising campaign would as it stated: If you have a hankering for a sentence behind prison bars STEAL A CAR belonging to a member of the AATA. For we know you methods and you don’t know ours! We never stop until WE GET YOU!

Anti-Automobile Thief Association of America

The Anti-Automobile Thief Association of America (AATA) was first formed in Wichita, Kansas, probably in 1918, the year its name was copyrighted. An article in The Insurance Press December 7, 1921 issue about the Union Insurance Company of Wichita, an automobile underwriter, states that the AATA was also a Wichita product. The Company also required its insured to be a member of the AATA which cost the car owner $15.00 per year.

References were found to the AATA being a parallel organization to the Anti-Horse Thief Association first formed in 1854. The illustration above shows a drawing of the ornamental design logo by Edward F. McIntyre patented in 1920.

2 responses to “Anti-Automobile Thief Association of America – Thieves Beware

  1. I was recently looking at the 1920 catalog prices for The (a TOP quality Product ) Klaxon Horn line: a $20 Klaxon Horn in today’s money would be : $427.00! THUS ,you can see that the above premium rate of $15 was SUBSTANTIAL!! The rifle and/or shotgun hanging outside the car isn’t exactly an easy access item , but LOOK at the fear factor aspect! I think that someone after you in a STUTZ would ALSO get your attention.

  2. From “The Weekly Underwriter,” December 10, 1921, Vol. CV, No. 24, p. 1135

    “Motor Mutual Merger Plans. Practically no business had been done by the Motor Mutual Indemnity Association of Kansas City, when, as announced in THE WEEKLY UNDERWRITER, has been taken over by J. B. Sackett and its associates, of Wichita. Mr. Sackett is conducting the Anti-Automobile Theft Association of America, Wichita. That association was organized November 1920. The chief association has been in existence for five years, during which it has under its protection 25,000 members, out of which only 172 cars have been molested. All of these have been returned to their owners, except fourteen, which Mr. Sackett believes proves conclusively that this association has solved the problem of protecting cars against thievery.”

    By the way, you can still become a lifetime member of the Bentonville (Ohio) Anti-Horse Thief Society by making a one-time donation of one dollar.

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