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The vintage Walfisch-BlitzBlank Whale Cars

A Whale Of A Good Time – The Walfisch-BlitzBlank Cars

* Updated * Thanks to Ariejan Bos and Donald Ellis: The photos of the first car were taken in Berlin, Germany; an article in the German magazine Allgemeine Automobil-Zeitung covering the car above references the earlier Czerny body, but a body maker is not mentioned; Walfisch-BlitzBlank sold toothpaste, mouthwash and shampoo. The top car is advertising the Company’s toothpaste.

Good product mobiles, cars or trucks that have coachwork that resembles an organizations product or service, or is of an eye-catching form have been benefiting business and entertaining people for over a century. The Walfisch-BlitzBlank cars constructed in the form of a whale are some of the most creative ever seen. The slogan on the first car pictured above and below translates from German as – With Disinfection – The Wonderful Abrasive and appears to advertise a cleaning product.

The strong resemblance of the main part of the body of both cars to the streamliner built by Karl Czerny & Co. in 1913, and featured a few days ago is quite interesting. Where the photos of the Walfisch-BlitzBlank cars were taken is not known, but the location may have been in either Germany or Austria, which was where the streamliner was built.

The car in the lower two photos appears to have been later and may have been a second car or possibly the first car modified with a mouth and teeth. It uses the same company name but is promoting a shampoo and another product. A company by the same name in the specialized cleaning business exists today in Vienna, Austria. Let us know if you can tell us anything about these intriguing vehicles. The photos are courtesy of Auto Puzzles and Het Leven.


 The vintage Walfisch-BlitzBlank Whale Cars


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