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The Speed Demon: 1912 Auto Race Starring Max Sennett

The Speed Demon:1912 Auto Race Starring Max Sennett

The Speed Demon is a 1912 comedy produced by the American Mutoscope and Biograph Co. Mack Sennett, Dell Henderson and Fred Mace star in the film that was directed by Sennett and shot in Santa Monica at and near the 1912 Santa Moncia Road Races. Follow along as the pair try to enter an early tiller steer car in the race and finally devise a plan to win the race. It includes actual footage of the race itself.


3 responses to “The Speed Demon: 1912 Auto Race Starring Max Sennett

  1. I need a cliff notes version of what’s going on. I got the 99 symbol and the guy who looks like Henry Ford. I assume the tire pump is a auxiliary fuel pressure device (more powwrr!) ? What was the shotgun for? Some neat footage, anyway. Thanks for posting.

  2. The ‘racing’ car is of course a Type X Autocar, which was equipped with tiller steering until 1906. In that year the tiller was finally replaced by a steering wheel. Could the number 99 refer somewhat ironically to Ford’s ‘999’?

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