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McPherson College Needs A Drivetrain And Chassis Instructor


The McPherson College Automotive Restoration Program is accepting applications for an Instructor of Restoration Technology with an emphasis in Drivetrain and Chassis repair. The college is located in McPherson, Kansas, and offers the only bachelor’s degree in the field and draws students from across the country. For more information on the position, qualifications and application please visit McPherson College here.

In a different shop, the metal shaping students of Ed Barr are building a body for a recreation of the Kelly Petillo driven 1935 Wetteroth Offy Indianapolis 500 winning car seen above. This metal forming exercise is part of a project with the Hub Society. Learn more about the complete Automotive Restoration program here.


3 responses to “McPherson College Needs A Drivetrain And Chassis Instructor

  1. CONGRATULATIONS TO McPHERSON COLLEGE!!! I approve, 100 %!!! I’m retired from both Automotive and Aerospace. Old car & old Motorcycle is spoken here.!!!

    In your search for an Instructor, be sure that Early Automotive Electricity isn’t foreign to them! Examples: What’s the main difference between a “Dixie ” and a “Bosch” magneto ? What is a magneto rotor grounding brush & screw? What is the significant “oiling” feature of a right angle drive Klaxon Horn? How is it adjusted for “tone & volume”? What is the main, heaviest electrical conductor of a vehicle? What DON’T you paint, before assembling a starter, generator or distributor? Why is positive ground & why? Why are there skinny wires & fat wires ? How do you hook up an AMMETER, on any car? What is a Hydrometer? All of the drivetrain & chassis experience is great — until the Customer With the $6,000 paint job , —has to walk home! If you don’t believe this, then ask any Service Department what & WHY something comes in, “ON THE HOOK”. Electricity should be recognized as part of the CHASSIS & DRIVELINE, as neither would be of use without it, — and for success, in CHASSIS & DRIVELINE skills -electricity should NOT shoot down your work!
    Fundamental (at least) Automotive Electricty should be part of the Teaching Skills of a Chassis / Drive Line Instructor. When a trans comes out — If it has an ELECTRICAL ground strap (it isn’t a torque limiter!) Guess how many cars come in, “ON THE HOOK ” from ground straps missing!? anywhere on the car from driveline “repair”. IF your Applicant doesn’t respect electricity, then I would proceed with caution. Edwin.

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