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Vintage Snow Storm Photos From The Boston Public Library

It snowed again here in Vermont overnight, which turns our thoughts to all our friends in the Boston area that has received close to 100 inches of snow already this winter. The National Weather Service announced that the total snowfall in the City this year has been 68 inches above the average yearly total of 31 inches.

In the spirit of the storm shown here is a set of vintage winter car related photos from the Leslie Jones Collection at the Boston Public Library. The women clearing off their car windows while it was snowing was a popular theme with Jones.

The only photo with its date and location identified is the second one below that was taken in March of 1933 on Joy Street, in Beacon Hill, a historic community in the City. The next image shows men shoveling snow at night on the street under the elevated train tracks.

The bottom photograph shows the Egleston Theatre that is located in the Egleston Square neighborhood of Jamaica Plain, a section of Boston. Tell us all you know about any of the snow-covered cars in this series or the location of the photos. Later in the week look for another feature showing more winter scenes in the city.

vintage old car and a woman

vintage old antique cars in a Boston snowstorm

vintage old antique cars in a Boston snowstorm

vintage old antique cars in a Boston snowstorm

vintage old antique cars in a Boston snowstorm

10 responses to “Vintage Snow Storm Photos From The Boston Public Library

  1. My sister lives north of Boston on Cape Ann where they have already 7′ of snow. She must have an interesting perspective on that amount as she is only 5’4″……and her Mini hasn’t been seen in weeks. Happy shoveling. JB

    • I have not been to Boston since the snow came but the coverage of it has shown some interesting photos. A 9 hour round trip (normally 5) to a plating shop in Boston and back after the Blizzard of 1978 and seeing the HUGE mountains of snow everywhere has always been memorable journey.

  2. What a difference – not a snowblower in sight!

    (With the seemingly endless weekend snow storms here in New England, I think we need a “cars in the tropics” photo festival … hint hint.)

    Tom M.

  3. The caption depicting a young lady that the standing on a rear bumper cleaning the rear window says that it is March of 1933. The car looks to me to be as 1935 Ford slant back.

  4. What would you do if came out to your 20s-30s sedan only to find the cloth roof insert collapsed from the snow ?

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