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The Clear Plastic 1952 Plymouth show chassis

A Clear Plastic 1952 Plymouth In Wild Kodachrome Colors

Over three years ago we purchased and posted a black and white press photo of this Plymouth show display chassis that is mostly made out of clear plastic. Never in our wildest dreams did we image that it was highlighted with internal parts in such bright colors. Matt Novak posted this photo on Paleofuture recently, in color but with different models.

In the original post The Plastic 1952 Plymouth, where you can view the front end and the engine in detail we wrote: “The occasion was the 1952 Chicago Motor Show and the press photo is dated Feb. 18, 1952. The caption reads as follows; Plymouth chassis and operating motor enclosed in plastic fascinate models Myra Miller and Josephine Gayton. Plastic enables visitors to see the motor running”.

“It appears that it was a complete chassis setup with some type of electric motor and speed-reduction gear to rotate the internal engine parts slowly to dazzle show attendees. It looks like both Myra and Josephine were also equipped with plastic head gear and pointers”.

Can anyone tell us more about this display chassis of which show it was at?


4 responses to “A Clear Plastic 1952 Plymouth In Wild Kodachrome Colors

  1. Now a we need is a Lexan explorer Ghia sport body to go with it.
    The ladies in the color photo don’t look like the same models in the b&w photo.

  2. This is the ultimate Visible Car. The Visible Six, The Visible Transmission, The Visible Differential, etc. Did Revell (makers of the Visible V-8) make this? You can still get the Visible V-8 kit today.

  3. I was posting about Shorpy the other day, and today they post a 1940 Pontiac in Plexiglas with a model in the trunk.

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