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The 1911 S76 Fiat Belches Smoke And Fire As It Is Driven Up the Hill At Goodwood

Watch The S76 Fiat Belch Smoke And Flames On A Test Run At Goodwood

The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived and we can share with you Duncan Pittaway’s 1729 c.i. S76 Fiat running and driving at the Goodwood Estate in the video below. Lord March invited Duncan and crew to bring the S76 to Goodwood a couple of weeks ago for its first test-run and the two of them took it for a pass up the hill climb course.

Stefan Marjoram was there and once again produced this exceptional must-see video (below) of the occasion that you are sure to enjoy. You can also view Stefan’s video of the car being finished and the exciting first start-up of the engine last year below. The photos above and below were taken by Tom Shaxson and are courtesy of The Goodwood Festival of Speed. 

Goodwood has announced that this summer at the Festival of Speed there will be a special class of large and aero-engined racing cars including the Fiat along with, Mercedes, Metallurgique-Maybach, Benz, Darracq, Sunbeam, and Napier Machines.

We have been following Duncan’s progress on the Fiat since May of 2011 thanks to Stefan Marjoram, who lives in Lower Langford, North Somerset, England. You can look back here at all of our coverage and Stefan’s earlier artwork and photography of the Fiat S76 on The Old Motor. 

  •    Lord March and Duncan Pittaway ready to take the Fiat on a run up the 1.16-mile hill at Goodwood.



  •               The exciting and interesting “Beast of Turin” start-up video by Stefan Marjoram below.






30 responses to “Watch The S76 Fiat Belch Smoke And Flames On A Test Run At Goodwood

  1. What an amazing car. We are fortunate that artisans will bring these cars back to life so we can enjoy once again the sights and sounds of what once was.

  2. The New York auto show was on the news this am. Among others, a Range Rover Defender was featured. A lot of changes in vehicles these past hundred years or so, but this old Fiat has cool in spades!

  3. I love the sound of this thing. I also like the big what looks to be an oil slick on his lordships drive way. Just like all good race cars go like stink and leave a deposit behind!

  4. If I ever had the opportunity to ride in that, I don’t think I would ever be able to remove the grin from my face!!!

  5. I love the music at the beginning and end! But, OH THAT CAR!!!!! It just has to be seen to be believed (I guess for me a video will have to do). I have enjoyed following its return odyssey here on theoldmotor.
    Thank you David and Stefan and all.

    • The music is the Swiss pastoral “Ranz de Vaches” (Call to the Dairy Cows) by Rossini, the prelude to the famous finale of The William Tell Overture.

  6. Hi Dave, Been waiting for this thanks! Pretty amazing stuff. I have to ask, do you think he has the thing totally sorted, I am thinking it isnt yet. It looks like he is searching for the timing sweet spot, but not finding it.

    • A lot of people think it is a chicken, but I am with you. Having participated in the Festival of Speed in the past I noted a definite lack of loose chickens on Lord March’s estate. A pheasant can be seen in the opening frames in about the same location on the hill.

  7. What an amazing beast! Belching smoke and fire as any dragon should. Made me grin just watching it run.

    That engine is massive. I would be very curious to know the weight as I’m guessing it is mostly iron.

  8. Tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. Wonderful!!
    If you didn’t have the volume up loud enough to make the dog howl, you missed it!

  9. 1913 speed record attempt at Ostende, 211 km h, 300 hp, thin little tyres, siting up there, my God. All my admiration to those who designed the car at Fiat, the driver, the team, the directors whom approved the proyect.

  10. I love that guttural roar, interrupted by giant hiccups, flames spewing and the way the beast shakes as it tries to get up to speed.Thanks Stefan Marjoram, it is important for people such as you to be our modern day motoring historians for those enthusiasts who can’t be there to witness this spectacle.

  11. Well done Duncan for all the hours, days and years of work put in to restore the historic Turin Beast to the very best of engineering perfection. Looking forward to seeing more at Goodwood.

  12. Too bad there’s no sound, but here’s film of a 1913 run where she hit 134 mph. Not enough to better the Benz, and the means of measurement was controversial.

    Yes thanks for sending it in. It is already posted here on The Old Motor and you can view it here at :

  13. Hi Duncan, I just saw you on the Breakfast news, my mum was super excited because she knows you, my Nanna and Grandad (her Mum and Dad) live nextdoor to your parents ! It was quite nice to see you on TV thanks Karen and Katie

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