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Harry Hartz Filmed At Speed On Chrysler’s World’s Fair Track

The 1933-1934 World’s Fair, located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago, IL, was named the Century of Progress Exposition in honor of the City’s Centennial. Held during the depths of the Great Depression, the Big Three constructed impressive structures and exhibits to entertain and educate the car-buying public and to try to hold onto their market share.

In addition to the Chrysler Temple of Champion’s Art Deco structure, exhibits, gardens and pool, the automaker built a quarter mile oval track with banked corners. On the inside of the backstretch, a double-sided ramp was constructed to add to the thrilling high-speed driving demos by the Barney Oldfield Hell Drivers. The infield of the track contained what was called Death Valley, a very uneven and rough dirt surface used for tortuous demonstrations of Plymouths.

The exciting video below courtesy of Mac’s Motor City Garage shows AAA Championship driver Harry Hartz putting a Plymouth Sedan through it’s paces on the track. After Hartz’s performance, you can watch as other Hell Drivers abuse a pair of Plymouths and roll one over on the infield course to demonstrate its toughness. The postcard image is courtesy of photolibrarian.

8 responses to “Harry Hartz Filmed At Speed On Chrysler’s World’s Fair Track

  1. Geeze, and I thought they were going to “Drive” these cars! (sarcasm) The modern term of “Drive it like you stole it” has nothing on these guys!
    An awesome fun video!!

  2. The narrator really kills it with hype in the video. Ol’ Harry almost bit off more than he could chew on that first trip over the hill and when the “Speed Boy” rolled the Plymouth, steaming fluid pours from the front until it’s righted when he said: ‘that car is as good as new!”. I think the detail shop was busy on that one.

  3. Its fun to watch how bouncy the suspensions are in the Plymouths. No matter what obstacle they go over or around their rear ends are always up in the air. After seeming this I happened to be over at M-Ts app and they had the ‘Roadkill’ guys driving a new Viper, Charger Hellcat and a Challenger Hellcat off road on a motocross track. Other than a broken spoiler or two they all did pretty well (no rollovers though). Some things never change.

  4. I don’t believe Harry Hartz was an “Indianapolis winning driver.” He did finish second on three occasions, however.

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