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Bibendum The Michelin Man On The Job In Argentina

* Updated * Bibendum the Michelin Man is one of our favorite charters and today, we have a wonderful pair of photos showing him out on the job with a serviceman helping motorists with tire problems in Argentina. The service rig is a 1934-1937 Harley-Davidson with a sidecar outfitted for on-the-road tire service.

The sidecar is equipped with some type of an air tank, which could have been good-sized if the space under and inside of Bibendum was utilized. The bodywork is likely custom-built and is equipped with two doors on the top and one on the rear that allow access to tools and supplies for tire service. The car is a 1937 Chevrolet, which dates the photo to around that period.

If you can add anything to this story, please let us know. Three more posts about Bibendum, which include Michelin artwork, and the history of the Tire Company can be viewed here on The Old Motor. Thanks to our friends in France, Marc Tudeau and Rolande Anglade, through who this set of photos were found. The images are courtesy of The Michelin Group of France.

* Update * Thanks to Charles from South America we now know that the images were taken at: Avenues Alem and la Rabida behind the Goverment House located in city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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