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Changes Dealing with Comments and the Comment Box

Several weeks ago a change was made that is necessary here that deals with the comment box and links to other sites not being allowed to be posted anymore. The Old Motor is now four and a half years old and because of the high volume of traffic on the site that is growing daily the changes became necessary.

We thank all of our faithful readers that have taken the time to add information in the form of links, but unfortunately a number of them do not work even before they are posted and many more turn into bad links with the passage of time. The following will show you why this change needs to be done:

1. When a website has links that do not work, Google will down rate that site’s search rating because it is afraid that anyone it sends there might have a bad experience because of a broken link. This directly affects a website’s vitality because it cannot be found easily by people looking for the type of information that it contains.

2. An email addresses included in a comment can cause the same problem. Commenters also try to post a comment about a similar item or vehicle that they have for sale and leave an email address. The comment section is not the place to try to post an advertisement or email address and both will be deleted.

3. At this time, the bad links are being found one-by-one by an outside vendor and eliminated. The site now has over 3200 posts that contain 12,500 images and the cost to deal with this issue is enormous.

4. The Old Motor is a one man band and there are not enough hours in the day to deal with checking every new link in a comment before it is posted and to try find those that have gone bad with time. The decision has been made that my time is better spent adding new and interesting content than spending it policing links. In addition to the new comments that are posted by readers daily, over 300 new comments are added daily by spammers that have to be dealt with.

5. You can still post a link in this way – “www dot bprlicenseplates dot com” or tell others to search under “bprlicenseplates”.


One other change that is also being made is because of a problem that is common when anyone is allowed to leave comments on the internet. Ninety-five percent of our readers are pleasant, willing to help, are APPRECIATED and leave comments that benefit everyone.

Unfortunately the other five percent do not have any common courtesy and feel that they can leave negative and at times unbelievably rude comments about anything they feel like. Starting today, the following types of comments are all going be deleted.

6. At times, we post photos showing an owners vehicle, or a facility, museum or images by one of the many photographers we are fortunate to work with. The rule of thumb here is do not say anything that you would not say about the vehicle, facility or photograph in person with the owner or whoever created it. Just because you don’t like a vehicle, or its color, tires or top is not a reason to leave a negative comment. Be polite because negative and nasty comments are a waste of your time, and will be deleted.

7. We go out of our way to find videos that are interesting, entertaining and informative. Music is a part of most of them today and it is unavoidable. If you find the music is not to your liking or it is to loud for your ears (most videos will play at the same volume that you used the last time), it is very easy matter to turn it down or off or just not watch it instead of complaining about it.

8. All of these problems are not suffered just by The Old Motor, as many other old car websites and forums have made similar announcements, and the problem is rampant on Facebook. Learn more about this problem of dealing with what are termed “Internet Cowboys here”.

9. If you do spot a typo or a mistake in the text that was missed (I’m and expert at missing things and making mistakes) please feel free to point it out. If you know more about any subject and you feel that what is posted is incorrect, please join in but don’t just comment “it’s a 1924 wombat” or “you are wrong it’s a …..”. Chances are you are right but if you can, please help to try point us to where the information can be found pertaining to the topic so it can verified and corrected, or contact The Old Motor here.  

10. WE WELCOME all constructive comments anytime and ask you to comment now about the decision that has been made to deal with these issues.

20 responses to “Changes Dealing with Comments and the Comment Box

  1. I just want to thank you for a great site, and I enjoy it just the way it is. I’m relatively new to computers and this site, but it didn’t take long to see what’s out there, and it must be a full time job to try and stay ahead of it. Thanks again. ( especially for the old truck and trucking bits)

    • Howard, Thanks and it is good to hear you enjoy the site.

      It could not have been built into what it is without the generous help of old car friends, readers and our sponsors.

      I start in on “The Old Motor” at about 5am and work on it, research, correspondence, and writing until 9 AM, and then work a full day here in the restoration shop.

      The second shift working on the website starts at about 5pm and runs until 8pm and many times later. The long work day explains why the changes mentioned here have had to be made.

      An average post can take between 3-5 hrs and a long one can take 8 hrs. This including research, finding and restoring photos, working with photographers and writing and layout.

      Thankfully a few readers help out with articles and photos on occasion and author Michael Lamm has started to help out recently with the interesting topics he writes about and the photos to go along with them that he has uncovered.

      If any readers have a great photo or a good collection of interesting photos of vehicles back during the period they were originally used in and are willing to share them, contact me here at:

      If you have some writing skills, good prewar or early postwar vehicle knowledge, and are willing to help out and write short articles please get in contact with me.

  2. Excellent rules that I wholeheartedly endorse. One of the best aspects of this site is its polite professionalism. This reflects very favorably on all of us and I, for one, appreciate it.

  3. The Old Motor has become part of my daily routine as it is not only informative and diverse, but enjoyable too.

    (With tongue in cheek) I look forward to the time when you can give up restoration and devote ALL of your time to the site!

    So here’s a BIG ‘thank you’.

    • Thanks Tony, so many cars…so little time. I actually hope to get back to work on one of my own two early cars that have been collecting dust, later this year and may feature parts of the last third of its restoration.

  4. This is the best site to learn ,I don’t have an old car or will ever have one , just have my International A as my 10 mph convertible . Thanks for the site . Mike

  5. I know I enjoy the daylights out of this forum. Thanks for your commitment to this and the history of motoring in general.

  6. Thank you for the clarification of the site rules, and all that you bring to it. While I have no old cars (well, not THAT old) I make an occasional comment since I have either owned or are familiar with many of the cars that come up here. That is one of the fortunate (and unfortunate!) parts of reaching the mid 70s.

    I also agree with your comments on the amount of rudeness on the internet at many sites today. Perhaps I am biased from more than 40 years as a professional newspaperman, but it seems often that people are not only brusque and rude, but never learned to spell . . . .

  7. Great job David, thank you for your time. I read The Old Motor before my paper, much more healthy.

  8. I enjoy the old motor website very much, keep it coming. This is the electronic version of the now defunct AUTOMOBILE QUARTERLY . With the OLD MOTOR and JAY LENO’S garage what more could a “MOTORHEAD” want? Thanks so much.

  9. Hello again and thank you for what you have built here .” The cream will rise to the top”. Happy Memorial day.

    Kindest Regards

  10. David, thank you so much for your continued long hours posting the wonderful period photographs, they are just amazing. the new addition of the kodachrome color images transport me to an era when I was growing up. The pre war b & w photographs gives me inspiration to do more research! It is all about sharing what we happen to come across, and your web site certainly makes the connection for a lot of enthusiasts.

  11. Just so grateful for this website, and to you, David, for your amazing work and dedication to the highest quality.

  12. David, I will be short and to the point! I greatly appreciate your work and the posts by your readers, so press on with your unique talent and endeavor! Bob

  13. All very reasonable changes. You have done a terrific job for a one man operation. I look forward to reading all your posts. I’m more a 50’s to 60’s car guy but I’ll comment when I feel it would be useful in the context of your posts. Keep upt the good work.

  14. I second a previous poster’s comments about this site becoming a worthy successor to Automobile Quarterly. Well thought out articles with appropriate illustrations/photographs. My only comment as such is that I’d like many of the articles to be even more. More text, more photos. I am a true information addict and too much info is rarely enough for me.

    Please keep up the great work.

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