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Six Fun Friday Thirties – Sixties Kodachrome Images

Well, right off the bat, we have to confess that this set of images were not taken with Kodak Kodachrome or another similar type of film. All six photos are colorized digital images that were done by one of the best colorizers and photo restorers around, Imbued with Hues. We feel the images on occasion will fit in with the Kodachrome Series, due to the vivid period colors used even though all of them were originally black and white.

Patty Allison the artist, actually takes the time to research the exact colors and color combinations that were available for the vehicles seen in her work. If she cannot track that information down, period colors that were popular at the time are used. After viewing today’s selections, you can also take a look back at some of her earlier colorized images featured here on The Old Motor.

The lead image in the post shows one of a chain of drive-in restaurants the Simons brothers operated in the  Los Angeles, California area. This is one of the two new Wayne McAllister designed eateries with car hops and 24-hour service the brothers opened in 1935.

This tour de force from the Streamline Moderne era shown in an early forties photograph, was overlaid with neon tubes and located in El Monte, California. Who took this image is unknown, but if you can add more information about it or the eatery, please let us know. You can look back and view the rest of the earlier Kodachrome Image Series here.


Patty Allison likes this work because the Rambler Sedan is quite a bit different from the huge chrome-laden boats from the period she usually colorizes. The photo is of P.K. Williams Rambler agency located in Austin, Texas, circa 1959, and appears to originate from the John Conde archives.


This Library of Congress image was taken in 1939 by Arthur Rothstein, one of the most distinguished photojournalists working during the five decades of his career. At the time he shot this street corner in Billings, Montana, he was employed by the depression era Farm Security Administration.


This Motor Supply Ltd. showroom was located at 1391 Kapiolani Blvd. in Honolulu, Hawaii. Shown are two 1955 Hudson Wasp’s, a Nash Rambler Station Wagon and a lone green Metropolitan. The photo is one of a six images Dan Strohl posted in a part of a series titled Lost AMC Dealerships that covered this agency.


This Library of Congress image was taken by John Vachon in 1941 while he worked for the Farm Security Administration. It apparently was taken in the area of 101 North Wabash Ave. in Chicago, Illinois. Note the wild-looking yellow Art Deco Checker Cab in the scene.

View an earlier post here titled: Batman’s Checker Taxi Cab that shows one of the Cabs equipped with a novel collapsible landaulet top. The five detailed images show it while it was on display in the lobby of the Hotel Sherman in Chicago.


This nighttime image was taken overhead of Southwest Broadway in downtown Portland, Oregon circa 1954. The historic landmark Hotel Benson on the right, located at 309 Broadway was first opened in 1913 and was designed by the Doyle & Patterson architectural firm located in the City.

10 responses to “Six Fun Friday Thirties – Sixties Kodachrome Images

  1. Mama don’t take my Kodachrome away. :..( Night shots are stunning, especially Simon”s drive in diner.

  2. Ms. Allison is a true artist ! I can’t imagine the research and work that goes into colorizing these gorgeous photos. Thanks to you too, David, these colorful Fridays are great !

  3. we are so used to seeing photos from the depression in black and white-hell, its easy to see why they were so depressing,
    but when theyre in color things dont seem so bad.
    (My parents were always groaning how bad things were during the Deprssion and what heroes they were for living through them)

  4. Usually I don’t like colorized photographs, but these look like someone jumped in a time machine and took some digital pictures and brought them back for us to enjoy.

  5. What a treat. When I first opened the blog I went straight to the photographs and did not realize they were colorized. Ms. Allison did her homework! It’s great to see a world as it was. Thank you!

  6. I’ve always been a sucker for Nash and AMC cars. The showroom in Hawaii is really cool. I could never understand why those ’55 Hudsons were criticized so much. The styling was really nice and well coordinated. AMC was only doing what the Big Three had done for decades. I also loved the ’59 Rambler American. I wouldn’t mind owning one now.

  7. The last photo with the Checker Model “A” is interesting. Only wish some model maker would offer a 1/24th or 1/25th version.

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