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Mystery Cars at a Los Angeles Pennant Gasoline Station

Updated – This interesting postcard image via Fill’erup was taken in Los Angeles at Charlie Judd’s Pennant Oil & Grease and Perfection Gasoline Station circa 1915. It appears that Perfection Gasoline was Pennant’s house brand and was selling for 12-cents a gallon at the time.

We have not had a mystery photo in some time and this image will serve perfectly for one, as one of the two cars might be a bit of work identify. The appearance of the touring car with the gas headlamps and the add-on spring starter might lead you to believe it was produced by an automaker that was a household name. Investigation appears to rule that out, and it apparently is a look-a-like by an unknown automaker.

The more modern touring car on the right-hand side with electric headlamps will be less difficult to identify. You have until Wednesday morning to tell us what make these two cars are, and add whatever else you know about them. Any further information about Pennant Oil & Grease, Perfection Gasoline or Charlie Judd, is also welcome.

Update – The top photo (below) shows a good side view of a circa 1913 Cole touring car. The lower photo (below) contains the front half of a 1915 Oakland.

Only Ariejan Bos was able to identify the pair of cars. Chris Paulsen, Robbie Marenzi, Mark Dawber, Al Brass, Edwin Hayslip, and Anders were all able to identify the 1915 Oakland.



12 responses to “Mystery Cars at a Los Angeles Pennant Gasoline Station

  1. A number of interesting details of the Los Angeles operations of Pennant Oil and Grease Co. were found in the October 1916 issue of “National Petroleum News”, see article “Carry Distillate at Cal Filling Places” beginning on page 74.

    “Los Angeles is a city of motor cars and filling stations, there being some 65,000 of the former and 200 of the latter, accotrduing to E.H. Haserot, president aqnd general manager of the Penant Oil & Grease Co., Los Angeles. Mr Haserot is one of the largest owners of filling stations there, having 15.”

    There is information on the use of various selling methods (discount coupon books in 1916!) and the different grades of fuel sold; and their pricing. Also there is information on some of the differences in early lubricating oils and their prices.

    • That October 1916 article is in National Petroleum News Volume 8 available online by searching at the ‘goog’ book site.

  2. Perfection Gasoline was produced by the Pinal-Dome Refining Company of Santa Barbara at about the time of this picture.

  3. The cars display 1914 plates (white on a red background). The car on the right appears to be a 1915 Oakland with a dealer plate on the front.

  4. The car on the right is a 1915 Model 37 Oakland. From what I have read this model started in 1914 as the Model 36 and ran through to 1916 as the Model 38 and there were several running changes.

  5. The car on the right is a 1915 Oakland model 37 tourer. The V-shaped ‘German silver’ radiator of the previous years is probably more familiar than this one. As far as I can check they used this V-shape style only in 1915. The extreme (and in my eyes not very elegant) vizor of the front fenders on the other car is very characteristic for Cole, which is in this case a circa 1913 model 50 (4 cylinder) touring car.

  6. I don’t know what the car at the left is, I only found a few cars that look like it, but made by “known” automakers. The car at the right is a 1915 Oakland.

  7. I have a photo of that gas station with my grandfather standing in the doorway.
    EH Haserot was my gr grandfather.
    Christie Haserot Pack

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