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The 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed – The Beast of Turin S76 Fiat and other Edwardian Leviathans Run the Hill Climb

2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed Beast of Turin S76 Fiat

Over the weekend, we were watching the live coverage here in the shop of the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed that was held last weekend at the Goodwood Estate in southeastern England just north of Chichester. It brought back wonderful memories of a trip there 10-years ago to participate in the event as a mechanic for a Duesenberg racing car. This event needs to be put on your list of must-see old car events as Goodwood refers to it as “Moving Car Show” and it is a real treat to view this exceptional event in person.

Goodwood released this 1:50 minute video clip of Duncan Pittaway and his S76 Fiat that has been covered here extensively in the past, as it took an exhibition pass up the hill. The Beast of Turin’s gearing is set up for flat out high-speed runs as it originally was and is not suitable to the short course that leads to the hill climb, but none the less, Duncan put a great show for the crowd. Photo and video courtesy on the Goodwood Festival of Speed. 

View a video of the 1905 Darracq LSR car, and images a 1908 Mors Grand Prix racing car (below) and link to detailed articles covering both vehicles.

1905 Darracq 200 HP Land Speed Record Car

1905 Darracq 200 HP Land Speed Record Car

Mark Walker’s 1905 Darracq 200 HP Land Speed Record Car has also been featured here and sports a 687 c.i. (11.259 liter) four-cylinder with a pushrod actuated overhead valve engine producing 100 hp. Mark is a very spirited driver and his performance in the video is not to be missed. Learn the complete story behind this 1905 Darracq LSR car here on The Old Motor in a detailed article by Ivan Pozega. Photo courtesy of Stefan Marjoram.

1908 Mors Grand Prix Car

1908 Mors Grand Prix Car

This impressive 1908 Mors entered in the F.O.S  by the Revs Institute of Naples, FLA was one of three entries hastily entered in 1908 the French Grand Prix and driven to a 16th place finish by the Camille Janatzy, who was nicknamed “the Red Devil” after of his red beard. The chain-driven racer is powered by a 775 c.i. (12.5 liter) o.h.v. pushrod-actuated engine with a make-and-break magneto powered ignition system. Photos courtesy of the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

You can view more images, and learn all about it in our earlier coverage of the 1908 Mors, and link to the Revs Institute and the Collier Collection. 






6 responses to “The 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed – The Beast of Turin S76 Fiat and other Edwardian Leviathans Run the Hill Climb

  1. I am intrigued by the rim lock system on the Mors. It is unusual in having only two clamps. It looks as if the rim has a series of tabs so that to mount it you put it on and turn it a few degrees and the two clamps just lock it. Most ‘ordinary’ cars just have between four and seven clamps that are relied on to hold the rim in place.

  2. Incredible videos, both of them! Thank you so much for sharing them. I don’t know if I could ever tire of watching “the Beast of Turin”. The other two featured cars are incredible as well.

  3. Wasn’t there concern with the Beast setting the hay bales afire?

    Just kidding–both great videos!


  4. Great video. it is a pity that the 1905 White racer Whistling Billy was not with this group of racing cars. It invariably beat them on the dirt tracks in America between 1905 and 1912. In 1907 one of the great drivers of the period Barney Oldfield complained that he had raced against Billy 13 times and not yet got the better of it!

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