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Back Seat Driver’s License – Issued by the Bureau of Nuisances


The AACA Library recently found this wonderful Back Seat Driver’s license that originated from a Ford dealer in the late-1950s. This is the perfect thing to keep in your glove box for handing out to offenders in your vintage car. The complete license is included below, which you can print and present to your friends. Can any of our readers tell us where this humorous piece of 1950s Americana originated from?

You can learn more about the AACA Library and Research Center here.


9 responses to “Back Seat Driver’s License – Issued by the Bureau of Nuisances

  1. As children I know my sister and I both had one of these Back Seat Driver’s Licenses; I assume we got them from a local Ford dealership in the Long Beach, CA area, as my folks had a 1958 Ford Convertible (to go along with the 1952 Ford Country Squire woody Stationwagon) and my grandfather had just bought a 1960 T-Bird. With the T-Bird we all got the ceramic Ford Dog Bank; the one that spelled out F-O-R-D in the TV commercials.

  2. Lucille Ball introduced this idea in an “I LOVE LUCY” episode where she had her “back seat drivers license on their trip to Mexico, I think that was their destination. Then the “5 & 10 Stores” started selling them. My sister and I had ours too. We felt soooo big!!!!!!!!

  3. I’ll bet they all had different numbers too. It is letterpress printed on a special (and quite expensive) stock that was called “safety paper”, usually used in printing checks because it couldn’t be erased without damaging the surface. I’m guessing whoever made them also made checks… they would also have had the numbering machines to put consecutive numbers on them.

  4. “Two UP” on a BMW Twin , we were ascending a narrow moutain road near a Swiss lake. I slowed for a right hand curve and down-shifted: In front of me on the wrong (OUR) side, was a new Mercedes PASSING on the BLIND curve!: The man’s Wife , – who refused to ride with her Husband in the front seat , – WAS “Back-Seat Driving” , attempting to tell him that HE WAS GOING TO HIT US, HEAD – ON! He floored the gas pedal! I OBSERVED!!! — I ABSORBED !!! and I TOOK ACTION!!! all in about 1/2 of a Second, as I saw the Backseat Driver’s Horror-Stricken face!!! I actually swung toward him, a bit — to gain enough room for a “Snap Counter-Steer maneuver —to run parallel to the Rock Wall at about 6 Inches to SPARE! Only cosmetic damage to the LEFT CYLINDER head — NONE to us! The Mercedes? A GOUGE from stem to stern. The Local police came and confiscated his license. Thank you, Back Seat Driver – you contributed to avoiding a head-on collision !!! – 3 0 –

    • I always liked Labor Unions. When I belonged to a UNION. in Ohio. I had a living wage.. health care.. Vacations.. And a clean. place to work. ..

  5. I just found my back seat drivers license in an old box of family pictures. Date 1959-60 I have no idea where or when or why I have it

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