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Woodlites, Women and a Mystery Car at the Car Wash

This photo from the California History Group on Facebook was taken in 1929, the year is based on the CA dealer plate strapped on the sedan. We do not know what was being promoted here, but the car, the Woodlites, and the women, definitely do catch your attention. Note the small matching parking lamps on the front fenders.

And speaking of the car, this appears to be a good opportunity for a mystery car that we hope our readers can help identify. The car wash is also very interesting, so if you can tell us your thoughts about either, please let us know. You can learn all about Woodlites here and views 100s of other mystery cars here.

9 responses to “Woodlites, Women and a Mystery Car at the Car Wash

    • Try 1929 model 6-66 Durant. Picture of one in DMAC photos with the winter front rad shell and fender lights. If you look the bumper medallion as D in it used on some Durant’s.

  1. The car looks like it’s sitting on a wood planked turntable or carousel of some sort. Is that part of the car wash?

  2. Judging by the round edge to the left of the car, it would seem that the central circle would rotate. I presume that the car would go around the circle while the washers would stand on the outside? If so, then this photo is not showing the true operation of the car wash.

    • Either its a carosel as Don said, or its an area where cars are driven for detailing after they’ve been washed and the boarded area is just for drainage of excess water.

  3. Posted for Dave Schulte:

    I believe the Durant in your picture is either a model 66 or 70. It could also possibly be a model 63 but I’m not sure if they offered radiator shutters on the 63. All 3 came standard with cowl lights so it would be interesting how they covered the mounting holes in the cowl.

  4. Today the girls would have bikinis on and you wouldn’t care if your car got clean. I bet the owner of the Durant didn’t care that much either.

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