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1906 White Steamer touring car

White Steamer and a Pierce Great-Arrow in Watch Hill, Rhode Island

Reader Shawn Lancaster sent in this interesting set of images of a pair of early automobiles belonging to a well-to-do gentleman in the Watch Hill area of the town of Westerly, Rhode Island.

This affluent seaside community on the western side of the state and its residents were somewhat restrained and chose not to flaunt their wealth. At the eastern side of the state in the City of Newport, its high society citizens were of a different mindset. There they built flamboyant mansions and grand residences and bought the largest and most impressive automobiles that money could buy.

The unknown owner of both of these circa 1905 -’08 high quality automobiles retained the services of a chauffeur. He is posing solo in full uniform with the White steam car in the lead photo which was taken by Boylan & Bishop, of Watch Hill.

The Pierce Great-Arrow touring car on the other hand apparently contains the owner in the back seat, and his son behind the wheel with the hired help on the left. This photo was taken by George Bishop, who possibly was a part of Boylan & Bishop, who took the first photo at a different time.

1906 Pierce Great-Arrow touring car

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  1. I am most curious -whenever I see photos of chauffeurs, specially those driving. White autos -as my grandfather was Rolling White’s personal chauffeur!!! If ever anyone has any photos of White vehicles classed with a handsome Hungarian wel dressed chauffeur, please advise!

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