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Cucamonga Richfield Service Station

California Route 66 Cucamonga Service Station Restored

We last took a look at the Cucamonga Richfield Service Station and Garage located on US Route 66 in the City of Rancho Cucamonga, CA in October of 2012. At that time the period postcards at the end of this article were featured. Kevin Preston informed us that the station had survived, and plans were being formulated to save and restore the landmark.

The facility first opened in 1915 and closed for good in 1972. In early 2013 the Route 66 Inland Empire California Association, a nonprofit group, acquired the property from the Lamar Sign Company. At that time the group was planning to raise the funds needed to restore the station and turn it into a Route 66 tourist destination and museum for its 100th anniversary this year.

  •      The lead photo shows the restored Cucamonga Service Station almost ready for grand opening day. 

Cucamonga Richfield Service Station

  • The Cucamonga Service Station after sitting unused for forty-one years in 2013. The photos are courtesy of the Route 66 Inland Empire California Association. 

A little over two years later the group has succeeded due to the hard work of its members, and volunteers. Together they restored the boarded up shell from the ground up over the past two years following planning and approval from the City zoning department.

The first step involved supporting the structure and pouring new concrete footings under the existing walls. Both roof structures were in poor condition and needed replacing. The balance of the interior work involved adding new wood to the original supporting structural members, new window framework, interior walls and sandblasting the stucco exterior surfaces.

  •              This Route 66 IECA video starting at 1:00 covers the entire restoration of the filling station.

Finishing touches included: painting the exterior, installing all new windows and doors, a new steel framework for a period Richfield sign and hand lettering three sides of the portico. Following the completion of all the work, this past February an unveiling ceremony for the sign on top of the structure was held.

After finishing up the last details this summer, the Association hopes to have its grand opening sometime in September. Planning is underway to rebuild the Cucamonga Garage behind it next. Check with Route66IECA and its Facebook page to learn the date and more details.

Thanks to Kevin Preston for commenting about the completion of the project on a link to the Johnson’s Corner filling station by Daniel Strohl at HMN Daily. View period postcards (below) and information from our earlier coverage.


  • A colorized postcard shows the facility in the thirties, and (below) a closeup of the Garage. Courtesy of the Route 66 Association and Joe Sonderman.

A pair of 1932 Chevrolets flank the Station (above), with six gasoline pumps visible. The Goodyear Tires sign on the right lists the proprietor as A.H. Morris. A mid-1930s scene (below) complete with a car converted to a tow truck with a Richfield spare tire cover.

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6 responses to “California Route 66 Cucamonga Service Station Restored

  1. Beautiful restoration on the station, but was heartsick to see they demolished
    the beautiful garage structure in the above photo. Too bad.

    • Unfortunately it was too delapidated to restore however, plans have been prepared and a donation campaign is underway to rebuild that structure as new in the same way the front Service Station was restored.

      No matter how small, every donation helps.

  2. It’s my understanding a fundraising event is currently going on to resurrect the rear shops that were destroyed over the years .

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