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The First Chadwick -1904

Thanks to Chadwick enthusiast Doug Marin, who has sent us a set of photos of the first Chadwick car. The following is the information that he provided us with about the start of the company.

In 1904, Mr. Chadwick bought parts and tooling at the auction of the Searchmont Com-pany and rented a stable/warehouse in Philadelphia and started building the car under the Chadwick name. The chassis pictures illustrate a basic Searchmont chassis with what the Chadwick company termed a replacement 20 hp. engine (interestedly it carries an early low mounted tube and fin radiator). This engine was designed to be a replacement engine for under-powered two cylinder cars. The 1905 Chadwick used a different four-cylinder engine for the new production models. Later in 1905 they came out with their 40 hp. four-cylinder car, followed by the 60 hp. six-cylinder in 1907.


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