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A Most Attractive Packard

Packards 1905 Model N was a very up to date automobile by a company that at this point in time was quite progressive and building very high quality cars. In 1904 they establish-ed the distinctive Packard radiator shape, that would be their trademark until the end in the fifties. This model was a lightweight but capable automobile, that was very well built and engineered and also quite attractive. It featured a 265 c.i. four cylinder engine that was rated at 28 hp. along with a three-speed transmission that was attached to the front of the rear axle. Photo courtesy of the Seal Cove Auto Museum.

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  1. Although one exists and ots suction data listed it with the standard 106″ wheel base, it seems to me that that 1905 Model N boattail runabout was on a shorter wheelbase than the tourer. I estimate the w/b at nearer the 100-102″ range. This practice of runabouts and coupes on shorter chassis was used in the later in the NC 18 and U 30 models. I have tried to scale the ’05 runabout in both 2D drawings and in 3D. I can not replicate the relationship of the rear deck, fenders and wheels/ springs to eachother at 106″.

    I know the runabout specs are always quoted at the longer demension. I am wondering if anyone has either measured the existing car or found period data specific to the boat tail runabout.

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