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1957 Plymouth

Five Fun Friday Fifties Kodachrome Images

Number twenty in the Fun, Friday Kodachrome Image series starts out with the lead photo of a 1956 Plymouth on a beach. We will let our readers tell us what model this car is along with which coastline and where they believe this image was taken.

For the other four images, we will list a few details about each one. As is normal practice with this series, we ask our readers to tell us the year, make and model of all of these cars. You can look back on all the earlier parts of this series here. The photos are via Americar.

Las Vegas Strip 1957

  • This image shows a very colorful view of the Las Vegas strip circa 1957. Tell us what interests you here.

1957 and 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham

  • A swank Cadillac Eldorado Brougham. Tell us more about it and the brand of gas this station handled.

1957 Ford Alcatraz Island San Francisco Oakland CA

  • Alcatraz Island can be seen in the background, tell us about more about the location and the Ford.

1959 Chevrolet Scotty Trailer

  • One of the famous finned Chevrolets and a Scotty trailer that has had its aluminum skin painted.

36 responses to “Five Fun Friday Fifties Kodachrome Images

  1. Looks like a Hudson Jet between the gas pumps in the second picture. The jet is a great car. I have one, love to drive it.

  2. The third picture looks to have been shot somewhere in Canada. The office across the street reads Atlantic Container which is a Canadian company.

    • I see that sign as reading Atlantic S???? Coupling maybe, or possibly Atlantic S??? Company. The gas pumps are definitely selling Crown.

  3. I find the gas station most interesting. One can find a wealth of info about Crown gasoline online. More interesting to me, is the relatively plain Crown glass pump globes and the nice pumps. What brand pumps are they? The thing that really caught my eye is the red device on the red pole – is it a credit card imprinter? If so, I don’t remember many of those in the fifties. Great stuff! Please keep doing it!

    • I seem to recall brand specific gasoline credit cards being issued in the 1950’s and one source I found online says the practice began in the late 1940’s,

  4. David, I’d guess by the number of tire tracks in the packed sand, it’s somewhere along Daytona or Ormond Beach. I remember in 1966 or 67, some kids about our age trying to extract a mid-sixties Lincoln they’d left parked too far out at low tide. The car was in about a foot of water and tide was rising. They’d tied ropes and some other cars were trying to pull it out, but it wasn’t budging. I remember thinking how PO’ed somebody’s father would be when he heard about it. Today, they charge $5 to take a car on the beach.

    • I’m sure that the beach scene is along the Ormond Beach/Daytona Beach coastline as this was one of the few places cars could drive on the beach.

  5. The second photo, Las Vegas 1957:
    The first two-toned car at the far left is a 1949-51 four-door Nash sedan. Behind it a 1950-54 Cadillac and the second behind it a 1957 Chevy. Isn’t it an early 50s Pontiac the first car drivning the opposite direction?

  6. 20 already? The top photo, I’m sure is Daytona. Been there many times, and it’s a long shallow surf. Both women are smoking. The gas station, I believe, is Standard Oil of Kentucky, that just used the Crown, ( not Red Crown) The green pump is “Super Crown Extra” , I think, the 1st 100 octane premium. The Caddy is getting “Crown Extra” in the left tail light (?), and the pump, appears to be a Gilbarco #914 double computing pump, with sight glass. So I’d say they are in Kentucky. The ’59 Chevy and what looks like a pre-1960 13 ft. Scotty Sportsman, as they went to a different wheel opening in ’60. Our family did the same thing, only we had Winnebago’s. Thanks again for the memories.

    • My parents bought a used 15′ Scotty in 1962, it slept four they and my sister and brother would sleep in it. I used a little pup tent that had to be put up every night and taken down in the morning. We toured most of the entire county with that Scotty pulled first with a 1962 Chevrolet and later a 1967 Ford.

      • Hi David, we had several types of trailers. I remember a Friendship, ( with step-down floor), several Winnebagos, an Avalon, and a couple of Shastas too. We went to Fla. every Christmas break, and my folks had friends in Mass. and we did a lot of camping out east. The cars I remember, were a ’61 Plymouth wagon, a ’61 Mercury wagon, (my dad hated that car), I think a Ford Ranch wagon was in there too, then he went with an IH Travellall,( he hated that truck too), then went with Chevy Suburbans, before getting out of the trailer stuff, and began with motorhomes ( we were grown up by then) We also had a Honda 50 that we took with us, and me and my brother would ride around, driving the other campers nuts ( try that today)
        One final note: it’s strange how the women smoking, sets off all kinds of alarms today, but the fact is, EVERYBODY smoked back then ( except my folks, but 3 of 4 grandparents did), or so it seemed. Thanks again for a great series. Obviously, we weren’t alone in our travel adventures.

  7. Another Kodachrome Friday. Hooray!

    My thoughts:

    1) I’d guess the 56 Plymouth Belevedere is at Daytona Beach. If you’ve ever been there you know it’s one of the world’s worst beaches. It’s like concrete with a little dusting of sand over top.

    2) Nice two-tone on the Nash Airflyte in Las Vegas. The street may have been fun at night, all lit up, but it sure does look tacky in the daytime.

    3) I’m saying it’s a 1952 Ford, not a Hudson Jet. The green and white car is too wide to be a Jet. Also, what a beautiful Eldorado Brougham.

    4) The 1957 Ford Fairlane Town Victoria is absolutely stunning. Some great cars in that shot. What’s really amazing is that, aside from the 1955 Ford (aqua and white) is how CLEAN all the other cars are. I love the pink-and-white 57 Lincoln in the lineup.

    5) The 59 Chevy looks a little tired. I’m trying to remember, was there a series below Biscayne in 1959?

    Again, thanks so much for these Fridays!

    • In June I was helping to get about 4 cars out of very soft sand as beach goers where fleeing a massive thunderstorm. It’s only packed where the waves are washing over it. We only got one out the others had to be pulled with a winch.

  8. Top photo: Sand, surf, beautiful blue sky, and two moms blowing cigarette smoke into their kids’ faces.

    2nd photo (Las Vegas strip): Cool neon Indian head on the Hotel Apache sign. Not exactly PC today, but typical of various retail establishments in the Southwest during the post-war period.

  9. I spotted that brushed stainless roof on the Eldorado right away. I always thought that was such an elegant touch on the ’57.

    I’m hoping the Scotty trailer was painted by a previous owner who didn’t have a blue car. The lead photo with the aunt holding her smoke under the future Fonz’s face is classic ’50s vacation photo.

    Thanx for another great Kodachrome Friday!

  10. Mercy, where to start?? First picture — 56 Belvedere – boy at left with binkie, both women with cigarettes – first with moccasin-style shoe popular then, second with sandals. Both good-looking, too!

    Photo 2 – I think the blue car at far left is likely a 55 cheap Pontiac, the two-tone Nash, 51-52 Cadillac, 49-50 Chevrolet, 57 Chevy, 56 Chevy, 55 Buick. Last unknown. At right, the 49-52 Pontiac with 53 (?) Buick in front of it. At curb, front to back, 54 Buick, 49-51 Ford, old Chevy pickup truck and 56 Ford.

    Photo 3 — There appears to be a 53-54 Chevy at rear of the back of the Cadillac, and I agree on the 52 Ford. Petroliana includes the white box on the pole that held a little spritz bottle on each side with paper towels in the box to wipe windshields. The poles had incandescent bulbs. The famed spout can for filling the radiator is at the toe of the island in front of the bell cord. The green pump, which appears single, seems to have an air hose looped on the side. Remember the bell cord? Remember the attendant?

    Photo 4 — A nice 57 Fairlane 500 in the front. At rear from left, a 49-50 Chevy, 53 Dodge, 56 Ford, 49-52 Lincoln, 56 Ford, 56 Chevy, 57 Lincoln, 55 Ford cheapo and 55 Chrysler in a darker blue.

    I also wonder what that Las Vegas photo would look like today, as far as businesses go. . . enough — my head is starting to hurt…. 🙂

    • Great comments on the petroliana. Beyond the Caddy there appears to be a red tire inflation station mounted on a white post

  11. The shot of the ’57 Fairlane is taken in the Marina district of San Francisco. If you could step into the photo and look to the left, you’d see the Golden Gate Bridge and Presidio.

  12. I find the top photo with the ’56 Plymouth interesting because of the people. Looks like a normal family with 3 kids, but the man looks older than either of the two women. I’ve noticed this is something you often see in older photos. Is one hof the women his wife? You assume so. But who is the other? A sister? Neighbor? Older daughter from an earlier marriage? You know this is the ’50s from the cigarettes they are holding, right in front of the kids faces. Actually it’s a great picture.

    • To me the man isn’t that much older. I see Dad and Mom with two kids, and another woman whose husband took the photo. But where did the two older children inherit their blond hair?
      By the way, that ’56 Belvedere is a club sedan, not a hardtop.

  13. I work at a Cadillac dealer in Kingston, Pa in the 80’s and remember working on an Eldorado like the one in the photo. What an awesome Caddy. I also worked on new Eldos with the HT 4100…… Not an awesome Caddy. We used to cal it the Hook And Tow 4100.

  14. All of these photos are fun to look at. Thanks to you for showing and thanks to those who saved them for us to enjoy.

  15. The family in the first picture is of Dad all three of his kids, his Wife next to him and his Sister. Ears and eyes. The car is sitting in a asphalt parking lot that used to be striped.
    Number two photo is not of the Strip. It’s actually Fremont St. The Strip was and is located beyond the city limits. Fremont st. is downtown.Number three shows a $14000 1957-58 Caddy Eldo Brougham 4 door Hardtop. Suicide doors, forged wheels, transistor radio’s. No options on this auto. They came loaded!
    Number four is on I believe San Francisco Bay Trail. I was born in San Francisco (never Frisco!!) and remember that spot. You’d often see people “walking their dogs by slowly driving their car and hanging on to the dogs leash out the window. Top of the line Fairlane 500 Town Victoria. You could order it with a Six Cyl. to a Supercharged 312.
    Yes picture number five is of a 1959 Bel Air. Sure looks like PA. Moms taking the picture.


    • What about the air suspension introduced by Cadillac 1957?

      Was it an option or standard in1957? (The internet and people I have talked to over the years insist the ill fated air suspension were both standard equipment and an option in 1957- probably both are not true.)

  16. My take on the Scotty photo is that it’s Grandpa and three grandkids. The woman is of indeterminate age and could be the man’s wife or daughter.

  17. Andy: “N” missing? LOOK carefully and you will see the erecting crane of (MOST LIKELY): The Pacific Neon Maintenance and Installation TRUCK, Red & Black. Mr. Mathieson, Owner of PNM, broke a neon sign, accidentally, with a baseball: The $75 repair bill was astronomical in those days. The result: He got into the NEON SIGN business, many of the signs that you see are from his company! His daughter and Family lived across the street from us.

    The missing letter? Probably a temporary panel, — while the “N” was being repaired!!! (Better a “missing letter — than UGLY HOLE!!! Edwin – 30- –

  18. The Scotty Trailer: I’ll BETthat this guy RE-painted this trailer again, to the lower being WHITE (or aluminum) again, — as a trailer with dark paint EQUALS: HOT OVEN!!! — when parked in the camp ground !!!
    Edwin – 30 –

  19. GAS STATION : The HUGE Brougham Model of Cadillac looks like it belongs to the Owner of the factory across the street. My guess is either TEXACO or: An Independent station. the Red pumps look like: Ethyl & Regular Gas, the Green pump(s?) in this Industrial Area, — (TWO levels of 3-Phase High Voltages on the power poles ), —is a Diesel pump, most likely. The Brougham Caddie MAY be hiding the other (lower) Diesel Pump on the other island. Edwin – 30 –

  20. The second picture is NOT the Las Vegas Strip…it is Las Vegas, but downtown Fremont Street, looking West.
    At the far end of the street is the Union Pacific train station.
    The entire view of this picture is now a covered pedestrian mall known as the Fremont Street Experience with a 1500 foot long, 90 foot wide video screen that serves as the canopy 90 feet above the street (walkway)

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