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5 responses to “Kochman’s Hell Drivers

  1. Actually, it’s “Jack Kochman’s Hell Drivers” and the clown is “King” Kovacs. Saw this show play opening day (Sunday) of the Bartholomew Co. Fair (Columbus, IN) several times in the 1950’s.

  2. Am quite sure that at 77 I am the only passenger that Jake Plumsted had in the ramp to ramp jump occurred at the World ‘s Fair in New York the Dodge dealer announcement show in Reno Nevada and in Plattsburgh and Malone New York where we had Dodge dealerships.

    Also to be noted that it was Irish Horan Hell Drivers, and the announcer who started with him was Bob Conto named by “himself” the World’s fastest talking man. My father who was a friend of Irish Horan introduced them at our home during the 1950 Franklin County Fair in Malone NY. Bob went on to the Jack Kochman show as General Manager and announcer. As an aside I worked as a “fill-in” clown from about 1961-1969.

    Bob Conto was quite a man ,,,his vision for the business of hell driving was unpredictable…many many stories of his predictaments that he solved. I have many photos which will be posted soon. There was NOT a finer gentleman than Jack Kochman

    • My great grandfather was one of the stunt drivers for Kochman Hell Drivers, Neil Hamilton was his stage name because his real last name, Reyngoudt, was too difficult for announcers to pronounce. I wish I could find more information about the hell drivers and pictures of my grandfather in action.

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