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South American Streamliner and Mobile Cinema Train

Just when you think you have seen it all something new pops up. Thanks to reader Samuel Bergman from Argentina, we have this interesting Cine Rodante streamliner to view. The occasion appears to be a political campaign of some sort in 1942 in Buenos Aries.

The sleek and aerodynamic tow vehicle seems to have a French flair to it, much like the coachwork by Figoni et Falaschi or Franay. We are hopeful our readers can tell us who built it and where? Following directly behind it is a trailer with a projection screen set on an angle – bringing up the rear is a sign board on wheels.   

The Cine Rodant is still in operation today as a service offered by the City of Buenos Aries. The photo is courtesy of Archivo General de la Nación Argentina.

1930s South American streamlined truck

4 responses to “South American Streamliner and Mobile Cinema Train

  1. I see hints of Rust Heinz Phantom Corsair Van in this vehicle along with the obvious Chrysler Airflow inspired grill and the French style fenders. It is a fascinating mish-mash of influences with almost no compound curves! The flat bumpers also indicate the lack of metal shaping capability.

  2. The car is a creation of an Argentine coachbuilder specialized in buses. See the winged shield with the name of the manufacturer of car body Mr. Geronimo Gnecco. He was a builder of bodyworks for buses. You can see searching images at Google “carrocerias Geronimo Gnecco” .

  3. You are right Roberto ! How could I not realized that is a Gnecco stile – the most creative bus builder for decades in Argentina

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