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Rough House – Chevrolet Design and Testing

rough house a 1950s chevrolet film

For a quite Sunday post today we have Rough House, a Jam Dandy film produced for Chevrolet in 1949. In the production, the automaker demonstrates the performance, durability, comfort,and safety features engineered into the car. Next it takes you to the Chevrolet Proving Grounds for a very interesting demonstration of the various tests that the automobiles are subjected to including a complete disassembly and inspection.

4 responses to “Rough House – Chevrolet Design and Testing

  1. It is interesting to note that, with all the Nader-inspired hatred of automobiles, that engineers at the companies were doing their best with the technology of the day to provide just what this film highlights — safety and comfort. As safe as today? No, but many things today did not exist then.

    • Killing or maiming your customers never has been good for business, and no doubt insurance companies were having their influence by this time.

  2. Brother, read those production credits again! It’s a Jam Handy Production. Jam Handy ran the biggest film studio outside of Hollywood back in the 1950s when this film was made. They had the General Motors account, and they pumped out dozens of films like these from the 1930s all the way into the 1970s. Along with Wilding Picture Productions out of Chicago, they produced the lion’s share of automobile and truck promotional and training films in the 20th century. They deserve their own film documentary!

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