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Five Fun Friday Fifties and Sixties Kodachrome Images

Number twenty-six in the Fun Friday Kodachrome Image series starts out with a lead photo showing a Chevrolet dump truck in a precarious position. We know why this happened, but we are going to leave it to our readers tell us what they think went on here along with all of the truck’s details.

As is normal practice with this series, we ask our readers to tell us the year, make and model of all of these cars along with anything thing else of interest in the photos. You can look back on all the earlier parts of this series here. The photos are via Americar.

Early 1960s Plymouth

  • This family from Wisconsin, and their blue Plymouth with a canoe on top appear to be in a state park. 

1950s Cadillac Convertible

  • This bright red 1950s Cadillac convertible made a statement at the time and certainly is long enough.

1960s Surfing Scene

  • Surf’s up but we don’t know exactly where. The imported wagon might be from Canada, the Ford is from New Jersey and the Cadillac is from Illinois.

1950s Oldsmobile Coupe

  • This young man is happliy posing with his Oldsmobile coupe wearing an odd color combination.

36 responses to “Five Fun Friday Fifties and Sixties Kodachrome Images

  1. I guess he didn’t unlatch the tailgate and tipped the bed too far before noticing. Interesting that with apparently more than half the load gone, there was still enough left to keep the truck levered into the air. Would a veerrrry slow drive forward release the remaining load with enough control that the front wheels could smoothly return to the ground?

  2. I would say that the tail gate was not unlocked prior to tipping the bed on the dump truck. The Olds paint combination reminds me of the paint on a 53 Buick that I once owned, the top color is seafoam green I think.

  3. Oh yeah, dump truck, it’s his 1st day, leave him alone. The truck is a ’58 -’59 Chevy Spartan 100 , and you all are correct. I’ve spent 35 years in the trucking business, and half of it was dump trucks, and this happens more than you might think, but not for this reason. The handle on box in the lower left corner, is still clearly in the “locked” position. I have seen, and had happen to me, where the gate or material jams, and truck pops a wheelie, but I usually let the box down, before that happened. The roller dude and which that may be an Austin Western ( I ran a roller like that, had a 318 Chrysler motor) roller and grader operator , are probably laughing pretty hard. ( JOE, GET THE CAMERA, QUICK) I’ve dealt with many “operators”and they have a different sense of humor.
    The shiny ’61 Plymouth has a 1962 Wisconsin plate (red sticker) and has an “AeroCraft” aluminum canoe, and could very well be any park, but a popular destination in Wis. was/is Devils Lake, about an hour north of Madison known for canoeing. We did the same thing as kids, and the old man even had a ’61 Plymouth wagon like this.
    Cadillac,,,Texas, for sure.
    Whoa, 2 piece bathing suit. Pretty risky for mid-60’s. Not sure what the small wagon is, Opel maybe?
    And the Olds. Lot of pride there. Snow tires on back indicate a northern climate.
    Wonderful memories came back with the canoe/Plymouth one, the dump truck, not so much. Thanks again.

  4. I love the mod-60s beach picture, thank you.

    Question for Admin: for the last few weeks the site comes up in a very zoomed-in sort of look for me. The main logo is so zoomed that the edges are pixellated. The font I am typing this comment in looks to be 48 point or thereabouts, while you captions are in an even bigger font. I didn’t do anything at my end to cause this. Is it something that has changed at your end?

    • Greg,

      Nothing has been changed on the site and no one else has mentioned it. Most of the problems with the site that have been reported in the past have been caused by out of date computers and web browsers. What you are using for an internet browser?

      • Sounds like you have accidentally enlarged the view. Hold down the control key and use the scroller wheel on your mouse to change the size of the view.

      • Win 7 with Firefox 41 here. I can bring it back to normal size with “Ctrl” and “-” repeated 5 times – which also makes the ads on the sidebar visible again. It did it again when I clicked on your link this morning from Twitter. We’ll see if the shrinkage sticks next time.

        • My wife has a similar problem because of a very sensitive keyboard and mouse pad. Not a hard fix but really annoying when it happens.

  5. The blue Plymouth in photo #2 is a ’61 Savoy 4-door sedan; the red Cadillac convertible in photo #3 is a ’54 Eldorado. In photo # 4, to the left of the Cadillac is a ’64 Ford Country Squire wagon & to the left of that is what looks like a Hillman Minx Estate Wagon !

  6. I believe the canoe on the Plymouth provides essential streamlining.
    This was a fuel mileage ploy, nothing more!

    ….kidding of course…

  7. The kid in the beach picture is wearing a Greg Noll t-shirt, aka “The Bull”, famous big wave surf pioneer. Love those old boards. Wish I had any of the ones in the picture.

  8. The Oldsmobile in the last photo is a 51 88 or 88A series in a 2 door sedan model. This was Oldsmobile’s least expensive model for this year.

  9. Evening everybody!!!

    1st foto… Big OOOPs, I defer to all the previous comments, lesson learned.

    2nd foto…’61 Plymouth Savoy, hope all of them didn’t try to canoe at one time.

    3rd foto… ’54 Eldo, wonder what he pulled w/ the trailer hitch- my guess is he’s a Texian legislator from Austin and brought his horse up to the little ranch in the hill country for the weekend. Bet he made it in record time at a minimum of 80 mph… ’cause he’s an honorary Ranger, too.

    4th foto… As has been said before the ’64 Coupe De Ville carries a couple of long boards (they were heavy, hope the water was not too far, I had a CC Rider). Next a ’64 Country Squire and, guys, I think it’s a Hillman as well. Beyond ,on the next row , I think you have couple of Mopars- a red Dodge Coronet and maybe a blue Plymouth(?) Belvedere, also can see a Merc and maybe an Olds F85 sedan, the rest are for me lost in the ’50s/’60s.

    5th foto… ’50 Olds Futuramic Super 88 Club Coupe, until the advent of the hardtop coupe this was the sportiest fixed head vehicle you could buy. Every marque/ line had one as opposed to the more staid 2 door sedan, shorter passenger space longer rear deck- very rakish. He looks quite proud as well he should … in it’s stock form it was one of the coolest cars around w/ its’ Rocket V8. , of course you added dual exhuasts and “smittys” for the requisite throaty growl. a real stand out in the high school parking lot or the drive-in. I only wish I’d had one then when I was a Senior … No problem dating the homecoming queen. With it’s 2 tone and all … ” it was not your fathers Oldsmobile”. Fonzie would’ve wanted one.

    What fun these fotos are!!!

    • The ’50 Olds owner is not only proud of his car, he’s also proud of his new brick ranch style house. Otherwise, why would he park it on the front lawn with all that land around?

  10. In the fourth photo, there is a red ’64 Dodge 330 (lowest model) while the Cadillac appears to be a ’63 or ’64. The swimsuits appear verrrry nice….. 🙂

  11. The Caddy in photo #4 is either a 1962 or ’63 deVille…with apparently a “spray-on” (i.e., aftermarket) vinyl roof treatment. Vinyl roofs were extremely rare for Cadillac before 1965-1966; plus, the top is lacking the 1/2″ overlap edge between the top and side pieces, which was standard w/early vinyls…

    • I dunno, Bob. If the caddy was a ’62, you’d see the lower skeg with chrome strip that ran right through the fender skirt. I’m thinking its a ’63 or ’64 for certain. I was just looking at a picture of my old ’64 and see that the vinyl seams about 3 inches inboard of the rear window chrome…just about where the surfboard casts its shadow. I believe its factory correct, sir.

    • Phil… you’re absolutely right, those wires were indeed one of the features, in addition to the extra trim, ribbed rear fender panel and hard boot that justified the considerable difference in price between it and the series 62 convertible, also do I remember one of the problems they as well as Chrysler Corp were having problems with”truing ” the wire spokes constantly to avoid shaking your teeth loose, cowl rattle and shake and generally not enjoying the soft luxury ride despite the luxe luxury look. Or is that simply something my mind has misremebered from the passage of time, As Jeb Bush, another Texan would say, recently, “Stuff happens!”

  12. Uh, not too sure about the beach area, but mid-riff showing in the mid 60’s was not too ‘risky’ or rather risque in the Left Coast. In fact it was de riguer for all young ladies on the beaches in LA from the early 60’s.

  13. I am old, but, I recall my Uncle having a 1949 or 50 OLDSMOBILE 76 or 78, It was a 6 cylinder.

    And I seemed to remember a lot of Chevy coupes 1949-52 that we ‘er light gray on bottom and dark gray on the top.. why wouldn’t dealer provide for Oldsmobiles as well.

    Am I slipping into the ‘old timers mode?

  14. I can confirm the Hillman on the left of the photo is a Hillman Minx Estate. We also had them here in Australia – built up from CKD kits imported from The Rootes Group in England and assembled at their plant in Melbourne, Victoria. They would have to have been driven fairly hard to keep up with all the much bigger and faster USA vehicles.
    I love the amount of research you and you dedicated readers / enthusiastic followers do to keep the Old Motor very much alive and interesting.

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