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Goodwood Revival in Slow-Mo – An Epic XKE and Cobra Battle


The Goodwood Revival features two events in one: an exceptional vintage racing celebration and an aviation event. It takes place yearly on the Goodwood road racing circuit outside of Chichester, England, and this year it took place on September 11-13, 2015.

The Goodwood organization does a suburb job in everything they do, and that includes producing some exceptional videos of the racing action. Today we are presenting you with two that show you just how serious the racing is, and how carefully the racing cars are prepared. Even if you are not interested in vintage racing or cars of this vintage, you owe it to yourself to take in a bit of the excitement.

This first video (above) in slow-motion is a great primer for some of the action you will see later in a race. At the .40 mark you will be treated to the start of some incredible footage of cars on the track in slow motion. A bit later you will see some amazing four wheel drifting with several cars at a time including a Ford “Thunderbolt” charging through a corner.

The Royal Auto Club (RAC) TT Celebration Race is one of the most popular features at the Revivial. It features big bore sports and racing cars on skinny tires, and the competition is intense. Don’t miss the start were¬†Chris Ward on the front row gets off to a bad start in a low-drag Jaguar E-Type and goes on to challenge and pass the three Cobras in front of him.

The full-length video (above) was shot with several cameras around the track that capture all of the intense action. The shorter version (below) was taken by two on-board cameras in Chris Ward’s Jaguar. Don’t miss the up-close and exciting charge he makes to overcome three Cobras. Learn more and access other exceptional videos at the Goodwood Revivial.

10 responses to “Goodwood Revival in Slow-Mo – An Epic XKE and Cobra Battle

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed that RAC TT race. I never thought the Jag could whip the Cobra but these guys really put on a show. Definitely Goodwood Revival Festival is on my “Bucket List!” Maybe some day I’ll make it over there.

      • Paul, help me out here. You’re saying this was NOT actual racing conditions. Right? If so, what would designate those conditions? Any info you can share about this is appreciated.
        P.S. I did enjoy the hell out of this race, and grateful David shared it with us.

        • Looked like actual racing conditions to me too ūüėé

          Big block Cobras had the grunt, but scary when they got to the edge of the handling envelope. Jag driver kept the revs up and superior high speed handling allowed him to walk away from the larger engines when he got past them.

          First eight were all running small or big block Ford V8 except for the winning Jaguar

        • Vintage racing with amateur or retired drivers in borrowed high value collector cars is not actual racing conditions. Go back to the period and you will see that the XK engine was no longer competitive after the 1950’s. The Cobra won the FIA World Championship against Ferrari while the E Type mainly sat in Hollywood garages.

          • Ah, that makes sense Paul. Thanks for clarifying your earlier comment. Still, Goodwood looks like a blast. Wish WGI (Watkins Glen International) had a venue like this. I’d go every year as it’s only an hour away from were I live. They do have vintage racing, but nothing even close to this. No doubt due to prohibited insurance cost.

  2. well done to all who put these films together. a trip down a well remembered memory lane. keep up the good work . john

  3. good day america, to all you guys who think what happens at goodwood is not racing ,i suggest you come and see for yourselves, you will be very welcome and hopefully pleasantly surprised.

  4. Will someone explain to me in more detail why the E-type is some much more competitive in this vintage race than it was in the actual period. Is it because the Jaguar has been tuned better than the Cobras were for this race or is the skill of The E-type’s driver better or is that the Cobra drivers/owners did their cars driven overly aggressively. These are some of the better videos I’ve seen in a while and I’m not even into vintage racing. Also is the E-type a V12 or inline six car.

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