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Five Fun Friday Fifties and Sixties Kodachrome Images

Number twenty-eight in the Fun Friday Kodachrome Image series starts out with a lead photo showing the Las Vegas strip or one of the other main avenues. The image, taken circa 1965 shows a range of cars built over about a ten-year year span. The Kodachrome or another similar type of film used for this image really brings out the color saturation it is noted for.

As is normal practice with this series, we ask our readers to tell us the year, make and model of all of these cars along with anything thing else of interest in the photos. You can look back on all the earlier parts of this series here. The photos are via Americar.

1950s chevrolet station wagon

  • A happy couple with a Chevrolet wagon, could this be a new car Kodak moment?

early 1950s Chevrolet

  • This early 1950s Chevrolet is getting a wash back in the days when filling stations did washing, polishing, wax jobs and even checked your tires air pressure. 

1960s Rambler

  • A pink and white Rambler sedan in Iowa in 1961 with everyone wearing their Sunday best.

early 1950s Chevrolet

  • This Chevrolet hardtop wearing silver and black Connecticut plates is a somewhat rare model.

29 responses to “Five Fun Friday Fifties and Sixties Kodachrome Images

  1. On the 53 Chev, the inside rearview mirror is mounted on the dash. I thought that was a feature of Chryslers of the era. The hubcaps are beauties on this. I can’t tell if it’s a full wheel cover or trim ring combo, tho. The 55 looks just perfect.

    • I think that is a three part wheel cover. Looks like a trim ring, hubcap and a part to connect the two. The mirror on the dash was considered “Sporty” at this time.

    • The rear-view mirror was either an option or it came w/this two-door hardtop which is not the more common Bel Air. I had a very nice low-mile 1953 210 two-door when I was young and the mirror hung from above.

      Since this car does not have the Bel Air trim, but 210 like side trim instead, is this a 210 hardtop?

    • If you look at the advertising illustrations for Chevy’s ’57 sport sedans (read: 4-door hardtops), you’ll notice that they were drawn with dashtop mirrors, the only body style to do be depicted as having one. The actual production sport sedans had conventional ceiling-mounted mirrors like all the other body styles. It’s also worth noting that those same illustrations show a much simpler side trim treatment for the 210 series than was put into production.

      • The Square Bird 5 cars back is a 1964 Thunderbird convertible. When I first saw the picture I thought it was my ’64 Bird conv. I had a Light blue 1964 Thunderbird Convertible with a white top. I removed the fender skirts as soon as I got it (new) as I thought it looked cooler that way, like the one in the picture. I also added Chrome reversed rims with Baby Moons. Was I cool? I was only 21 in 1964 and thought I was something driving a new Thunderbird Convertible. It was a present for my 21st birthday. Talk about a 21 year old in heaven.

        • Hey Tommy…are “Square Birds” ’58-’60 or ’64-’66??? I always thot they were the former, but as you say the ’64s are “Square” compared to the ’61-’63 “Bullets”. I had a friend who had a yellow ’59 and he called his “Big Bird” after Sesame Street Same.

          • Hey Graham, As I recall square bird refers to all Thunderbirds from ’58 through ’66. They were the four seat thunderbirds that followed the two seat. Two seats squared is four seats. After 1966 Thunderbirds became more big luxury cars as opposed to personal luxury sporty cars. The 1966 was the last factory convertible until they brought out the ill fated 2001 two seat.

          • Second reply: the square birds were ’58-’60, ’61-’63, and ’64-66. those were the three styling changes.

          • Tommy , thanks a bunch… Lo these many years I thought it was the ‘angularity” of the design rather than the passenger capacity… just shows it’s never too late to add some knowledge … never to old to learn!!!

  2. More great photos! In the first one, I see a blue ’55 Chevy Belair, a tired looking ’59 Imperial Southampton 4-door hardtop (probably a Crown) &
    a white ’65 or ’66 Ford Galaxie 2-door hardtop.

    • Morning All..

      On the Vegas foto further on down the line , looks like there mite be a Square Bird and maybe a “62 Galaxie headed away… Vegas never sleeps!!!

      Next foto … A top ‘o the line ’55 Bel Air Beauville looks like the happy couple ordered every option Chevy offered that year … hope some one currently has it in just that shape… behind it a ’53-4 chevy 4door sedan, Bel Air or 210. He’s a middle manager and she’s a happy stay at home housewife and mother not a lot of them today.

      Next… A ’51 Chevy Styline Deluxe 4 door in for it’s weekly wash, lives on a dusty road , no white walls to keep clean on this one, note the optional bumper extensions, good salesman upselling

      Fourth foto…Just home frm the neighborhood chuch sunday service or maybe afterwards they went to the downtown cafeteria for sunday dinner.

      Finally , a rare one indeed… a ’53 210 series Sport Coupe, even rarer the 210 Convertible, and its the trim ring combo the fullcover was usually seen on the Bel Airs this year, hope it’s survived and loved as much today as this family did!!!

      Always enjoyable , these fotos!!!

  3. In the first photo, there appears to be a VW based dune buggy under the “Win This” sign on the far right. I would have loved to win it! Unfortunately I was in the second grade at the time. I am assuming 1965 based on a few of the Fords being the visibly newest cars on the street.

  4. On the Hemmings carspotting feature ( at noon, ET) we’ve dissected these Vegas pictures over and over. The car on the trailer, which looks like a dunebuggy, but may have been a Corvette, was a giveaway deal, and the ’65 Ford Custom taxi cab, ( bottom of the line) was very popular, and the ’66 Ford appears to be the newest car.
    The young couple with the ’55 Chevy wagon, which could be any one of our parents, must have had a family in mind, buying a wagon.
    I believe, the green Chevy is a ’51 and my grandfather had a ’51, before he switched to Rambler’s, which in the next photo, he had a ’61 EXACTLY like this, pink and everything. This was the car that had the front suspension rust clear of the unibody, deeming it undriveable, which was a shame, as it only had like 40K miles and in perfect shape , but nobody would fix the the front end, and he junked it.
    I agree with Chuck, I never knew Chevy put those mirrors there either, and from what I remember of my old man’ s ’59 DeSoto, they were pretty useless. Thanks again, great memories.

    • I blew up the Vegas picture 400% and I will still bet my money on a Dune Buggy. The back of the engine, roll bar and back of the body completely suggest dune buggy. I really don’t see any Corvette there at all. I couldn’t make out much of the smaller lettering on the side but it does appear to say VW on the right side of it. It’s always fun trying to sleuth these things!

    • I had a ’49 Studebaker Commander Starlight coupe (first car), and later a ’51 Champion Starlight coupe. I believe they both had dash-mounted mirrors, and were not difficult to use once I got used to them

  5. 65 Ford Cab! I’d pay a little extra to ride in one of those instead of the ubiquitous Crown Vic.
    I see what looks like a 65 Rambler 770, and T-bird. And plenty of evidence as to the blistering Nevada heat- lots of white or light colored cars. The third photo shows a fellow who is either thoroughly secure in his manhood, (a pink and white Rambler?) or he’s driving his wife’s car. And speaking of color, what a hue of green on that Chevy, was that a standard color or is that a fleet vehicle? I think I’d have left it dirty.

  6. The young couple in front of the 55 wagon appear to be discussing the fact he bought the V8 Bel-Air, not the 6 cylinder 110.

    In the photo of the rambler it looks like Mother forgot her pocketbook and now we are all going to be late for Sunday service.

    • The ’55 Chevrolet Bel Air wagon could just as well have been a 6 cylinder which was available in those models. Probably it was a V8 because, in addition to being a Bel Air, it is well decked out with lots of options, such as a spot light, upper bumper guards and lower body side/trim moldings. There’s no way from this photo, however, to determine the engine type.

  7. I agree with Henri. With the other items, it is likely a V8, but the only way to tell on the ’55s was by little V insignias under the taillights.

    The ’51 (?) Chevrolet color was not that unusual back in those days. Many makers had a similar green. Mainly, that photo recalls back about that period for me. I was on vacation from my regular job, and filled the days at a local Pure Oil station washing cars, as the regular young guy was sick.

    The owner, Charles “Cap” McCool, charged $2 for a hand wash on a car with whitewalls. He got a dollar and I got a dollar.

  8. Dad had a 54 Chevy 4 dr. base model. I recall that it did not come with an outside rear view mirror. Mom and I went to the local Western Auto store and bought him an aftermarket one. No drilling: it attached to the drip rail or window frame with set screw(s).

  9. What’s old is new again! The optional lower side trim on the ’55 wagon has reappeared on the 2016 BMW 7 series. Looks like a tacky add on in 2016. Love the pictures brings back many memories.

  10. I don’t think the ’51 Chevy color was that bad. Here’s a nice one for sale. Whitewalls really do help.

    www dot connorsmotorcar dot com/vehicles/304/1951-Chevrolet-Styleline-Deluxe

  11. In Australia we had a 1950 Chevrolet coupe utility built by Holden, one model Chevy the Americans unfortunately missed out on.

  12. I’m surprised that no one has pointed out that the Las Vegas scene is not the strip (Las Vegas Blvd), but is instead Fremont Street, which is in downtown Las Vegas. The Vegas strip is actually south of town and is not in Las Vegas proper but is in an unincorporated section of Clark County.

    This is by far my favorite feature on this site.

    • Joseph, you are absolutely right, today’s Fremont Street Experience is 180 degrees from what we see here,,,and Las Vegas Blvd bears no resemblance either (how many lanes?)… however one thing never changes wherever you are in Vegas… the whole place never sleeps! and I likewise agree… my favorite feature, too.

  13. The ’51 Chevrolet is painted in what Chev called “Fathom Green”….. pretty common color in that era along w/ 2 tone green. We had a Styleline Deluxe 2 door sedan that was fathom green……216 n 3 on da tree. A lot of fun!

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