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The Long Awaited Movie: Pistons, Passions, Pleasures – A Sicilian Dream Premiers

We last reported in May that the film Pistons, Passions, Pleasures – A Sicilian Dream had finished the production phase after over 3-years of work and filming on the island of Sicily. And now 4-years later, the production, a brilliant piece of film-making is finished. The London premiere was held on the evening of October 19th to a sold-out crowd at the Prince Charles Theatre located in Leicester Square in the fashionable West End of London.

A number of vintage racing and old car enthusiasts including Guest Celebrity vintage racer Nick Mason of Pink Floyd attended. Also attending as presenters at the preview were Alain de Cadenet, who competed in eight 24 Hours of Le Mans races, US-based Italian car consultant and correspondent Antonio Lombardi, and Francesco da Mosto a Star of six successful BBC TV series about Italy. All three assisted with the production of the film.

  • The lead image shows Patrick Allen the Mechanic of the 1911 Scat in the film.

The festivities at the premiere were covered by “London Live” in this video. The film could not have been made without the tireless efforts of Producer – Promoter David Biggins, a life-long old car and vintage racing enthusiast, who was assisted by Writer-Director Philip Walsh and Assistant Producers Sheila Hayman and Simon Maggi.

View the movie trailer and the first three-minutes of the film (below) at the end of the post.

pistons, passions, pleasures 1

  • Fabrizio Pace as Vincenzo Florio.

The Sicilian Dream Movie describes the race on the picturesque island:

“The Targa Florio was a Sicilian mountain road race that, in 1906, gave birth to an era of motorsport still going today. Dreamt up by Vincenzo Florio, the younger son of a Sicilian entrepreneurial dynasty, it ran until 1977 and was considered both totally insane and an absolute must by drivers and manufacturers alike.”

“A Sicilian Dream is a film that journeys into the heart of this story – exploring the intrigue and revelations. We are taken on this journey by one of Italy’s pre-eminent dreamers – Francesco da Mosto, a Venetian architect, historian and incurable romantic.  He invites Alain de Cadenet – an independent racing  car constructor and driver to join him and discover what compels men and women to seek the glory of winning this death-defying race.”

“Forty years after nearly dying in the Targa Florio, Alain de Cadenet retraces the route of the legendary Sicilian mountain race that ignited the island and the motoring world. Driving the torturous route and tracing its evolution along with world events, they reveal its allure from the romantic times of the Belle Époque adventures to its deadly conclusion.”

The first Targa Florio was a road race organized by Italian enthusiast Vincenzo Florio in 1906 that took place on the beautiful island of Sicily. You can learn more about the earlier years of the race in our coverage of the book, The Belle Epoque of The Targa Florio Races.

Be sure to view the sensational 2:42 trailer for the film (above) and the first three minutes (below) of the film. Much more can be learned about the production at A Sicilian Dream were you can also contact them about a having it shown at your local theater. A 70-minute long DVD is available from Duke Video a DVD producer that specializes in motorsports that is located on the Isle of Man. It may be available from Duke USA in the future.

  • Bill Sykes (below) driving his 1906 Fiat.

pistons, passions, pleasures 2

11 responses to “The Long Awaited Movie: Pistons, Passions, Pleasures – A Sicilian Dream Premiers

  1. Finally, a film about cars made by car guys. Dare I say, something that hasn’t been done since John Frankenheimer and Steve McQueen brought motor racing onto the big screen and into living rooms.
    This is going to be great.

  2. I’m going to check with Dave Biggins to see if The Old Motor could have a New England premier of it here in Brattleboro located in the S.E.corner of Vermont. It would be at a well known and historic theater, which is in the very center of the region.

    Its easy to get here (I91 & Route 9) and plenty of great accommodations and great food abound.

    How about a show of hands of who would actually attend?

    More details soon if it can happen.

    • David,

      Please let me know what you learn. I might be able to do something (later, of course!) in my area, with the Essex Automobile Club and the Katherine Hepburn Center. Lots of great automobiles here.

  3. My hand is down. I’m in central Pa, I’m hoping it will show in Hershey or Harrisburg. Sure looks top shelf to me. Thanks for the info on the post.

  4. I cannot wait to see this film. Keeping Automotive History Alive! Barney Oldfield, Master Driver of the World & America’s Legendary Speed King Great Great Nephew

  5. Now ” Thats Italian”!!! Love it. Hope to see this here in the states… really excited to see this.. no computer generated fakery… all real.. love the sounds too.. very classy.. count me and my other car lovers in… already forwarded to many!!!

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