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Solved – A Tuesday Morning Main Street Mystery

Mystery Main Street

Updated – Thanks to reader Kenny Gregrich, we now know that this is Main St. in Zanesville, Ohio.

Due to the internet being down most of yesterday locally, today’s feature is short but includes this interesting mystery view of traffic in an unknown city for our readers to solve. This photograph from the early fifties shows a view of a wide range of pre and post-war cars and trucks on the street. Tell us what town or city this is and also anything you find that is of interest in the view.

20 responses to “Solved – A Tuesday Morning Main Street Mystery

  1. The Jeep (which is pretty decked out) appears to have an Ohio license plate from the early ’50’s. Pretty hard to find which city, unless a local recognizes the businesses. The truck appears to be an early ’50’s Diamond T. The ’53 Chevy seems to be the newest.

  2. Interesting that the car pulling out of the Texaco station has a contrasting colour on the fender skirt from the rest of the car. Was that a normal practice?

  3. The passenger side mirror on the Jeep appears to be mounted on a long pole across the hood, which is what the Jeep driver appears to be paying attention. Looking at how close the car behind is, and the string of vehicles behind them; I wonder if the Jeep driver is towing the car behind him to the gas station.

    • Andy, the pole you are seeing is the top rail of the windshield, which is folded flat. The mirrors are standard issue and are attached to the side of the Jeep.

  4. As the road fades into the distance it appears to slope downward and there might even be to be a bridge way in the back. The trees in the background could be on the other side of a river if there is one.

  5. Dressed up Jeep, visor on car behind,skirts on car cutting in line, young driver with arm out window in 3rd car, fourth looks lowered.
    I’m thinking it’s a group of young gearheads cruising somewhere. Maybe to help fix the “towed” car?

    • I think you’re right, Still; all the front cars seem to have been modified in a way that young gearheads are likely to do. (Plus, they’re all tailgating, as young gearheads are likely to do!) Hopefully, they’re towing that Plymouth to one of the kids’ driveways to explore the amazing world of wheel alignment…

  6. contrasting fender skirts. In the early 50s in my area, 80 miles east of Chicago it was a fad to paint the fender skirts

    A contrasting color. mostly the same as the top.. I had a fairly new 1952 Chevy two door sedan. light blue on the bottom, and dark blue on top. I wanted to have my fender skirts like the other guys, yet I did not want to paint

    them so I covered them with heavy dark blue plastic and stapled it together in the back. When I sold the car I just

    removed the plastic.

  7. I don’t think the drivers are tailgating … the foto appears to be foreshortened which was/is a common technique which allowed the professional photographer of the time to include a wider field, accomplished then w/ different lenses added to the base camera. Don’t you love the Cadillac “V” on the Jeep, bet it was war surplus… they were available so very cheaply then, ready to be “duded” up. They were many kids 1st cars.

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