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Parking Lot Scene with a Ford Crestline Skyliner in New Orleans

Recently we posted a 1950s photograph of a parking lot in Milwaukee that was very popular with readers, so as a follow-up today’s feature is two different views of another facility in New Orleans, LA, circa 1954. The name of the lot or its proprietor is unknown, but the location is reported to be at Camp and Common Streets in New Orleans. The small eatery on the far-right corner of the lot is the Trade Mart Grille.

The enlargeable photo just below gives an excellent view of all the cars and one truck in the lot. A glass-topped Ford Crestline Skyliner is parked on a platform in the front corner of the lot to attract attention. A second photo taken from the rear appears to have taken been taken on the same day and is at the bottom of the post; it gives you a different perspective of the location and more street views.

If you enjoy street scenes take a look back at thirty more here.  The photos are courtesy of the Louisiana State Library.

New Orleans Car Parking Lot 1950s 2

  • A rear view of the lot (below) gives a different perspective to the scene and the City.

New Orleans Car Parking Lot 1950s 3

17 responses to “Parking Lot Scene with a Ford Crestline Skyliner in New Orleans

  1. The year is 1954. Billy Graham brought his crusade to Pelican Stadium on Oct.3, 1954. I see only 2 Packards in a sea of GM’s and Fords. ( a few Plymouths) The glass top Ford in front was a pretty classy car.

  2. Great pic. I can see quite a bit here. Next to the Skyliner looks to be a 51 or52 Cadillac. Next to that looks like a 54 New Yorker. On the street is a 1951 Ford Country Squire. It also looks like a 49-51 Lincoln behind the Country Squire. There are quite a few good-looking cars here, but my favorite is the billboard featuring a Nash for $1550. That’s quite a price., several hundred dollars below a Chevrolet of Ford from the period.

  3. That’s some tight parking!

    I’ll assume they were put in place by a lot attendant. Since some are double parked it may have been for an event.

  4. Love this series, David.. to me it’s amazing to see the wide range of cars… from very hi-line to very base economy models as well as the wide range of marques from independents to the big three; ie, Nash, Studebaker, Packard… didn’t see any Hudsons, maybe coming up the street in the first foto way behind the Nash. Today’s newer orphans are well represented , as well… DeSotos, Plymouths, Pontiacs, Olds. The decades of cars iin use pre and postwar. Same day- the fotos , different times, while many of the cars are in same spots others are gone/new . The Skyliner sporting the as elsewhere earlier noted Coronado kit on the trunklid. and beside it the ’53 Cadillac dwarfed by the ’54 Imperial next to it. In foto 2, note the size of the ’53 Imperial lower right .. a little of that is camera distortion, but not much. Glad I don’t have to do the parking… scary!!! Just think at that time , power steering very new, not standard equipment.

  5. Chuck, Bill… It is a Studebaker-’53 or ’54 I think they called it a Conestoga, it was a 2 door , they didn’t make a 4 door… think that was about their 100th Anniversary time… they were originally carraige and wagon makers probably built the original conestoga wagons in the 19th century for Joseph Smith and Company and others headed … Westward Ho!

  6. Parking in New Orleans was tough to come by even then! Looking at street view on Google Maps, all the buildings that you can see in the picture are still there except for Trade Mart Grille as well as the parking lot. They’ve been replaced by a parking garage. The building barely out of the first picture on the left has been replaced as well.

  7. Are those electric bus wires overhead in the first picture? I remember seeing electric buses as a very young child in Columbus, Ohio and I recall being frightened by the sparking as the contact stanchion would make, and break contact.

  8. There were parking lots of that style the ringed Chicago’s Loop, or downtown. Iparked in one at 8th and Wabash for three years.The lot owners always parked your car and mine ended up many dings in the doors from the operators cramming the cars in and not allowing enough space to exit the car.

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