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Coming Home: The Story of a Son and His Father’s Automobile

Simon Kidston Type 57 Bugatti

Like many in the old car world, a number of us were influenced by our fathers and an automobile once owned by them or their involvement in old cars. For some of us, it went one step further when we entered into the antique car business in one way or the other, and it has changed our lives forever.

This video produced by Simon Kidston, one of the foremost dealers of vintage cars in Europe, traces his effort, starting in 1987, to find his father’s Type 57 1939 Bugatti with Gangloff (French) coachwork. Follow along as he takes the car back to its first home, the factory where it was built, and visits some of the people connected with the car since his father sold it in 1955.

View an image of Simon and the Bugatti in our earlier coverage last fall of the UK Concours of Elegance.

12 responses to “Coming Home: The Story of a Son and His Father’s Automobile

  1. What a truly wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing and for making this film. Beautifully filmed. Deserves to be on mainstream TV.

  2. Around 1960 I was lucky enough to get a ride in the Bugatti of a family friend. At the time, the car was 20+ years old and I thought we would be going putt, putt, putt along the roads. But it was driven fairly fast. Wondered what happened to that car? At Lime Rock a few years ago I talked to the man who races a Bugatti and maintains the Bugatti register. He helped me find the car on-line.

  3. Father /Son relationships in this hobby, always make outstanding stories. Even better when they center around a
    compelling vehicle.

  4. NO matter what Bugatti made, it was made correctly, from Railway motor coaches to sedans to sports & racing vehicles, they ALL fascinate me and I enjoy seeing & hearing any of them . There is an alleged story about some hack asking Ettore Bugatti: “WHY do his cars STILL have Mechanical Brakes “? Mr. Bugatti was alleged to have said: “I build my cars to GO, NOT to STOP”!!! For me, I don’t have any prolem with Mechanical Brakes, Bugattis or otherwise, as the complaints about them usually come from those who are too lazy or do not have the SAVVY to make them right and keep them that way. The Bugattis that have Electric starters SOUND GOOD WHILE CRANKING! (it’s a “Preview of Coming Attractions”, as when the motor begins running it IS as UNIQUE as an Offenhauser is: MECHANICAL MUSIC!!!) Edwin – 30 –

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