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Duesenberg Mormon Meteor Wins 2016 Arizona Concours D’Elegance Best of Show

2016 Arizona Concours D'Elegance

The 2016 Arizona Concours D’Elegance was held on Sunday, January, 24th at the Arizona Biltmore, a resort hotel in Phoenix designed by Albert Chase McArthur with assistance from Frank Lloyd Wright, it first opened in 1929. The Best of Show winner was the 1935 Duesenberg Special Mormon Meteor owned by Harry Yeaggy of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Duesenberg Special was built by the Company for record-setter Ab Jenkins. It is powered by a modified SJ engine equipped a pair of Stromberg UU-3 carburetors feeding a special version of the Duesenberg supercharger followed by two ram’s horn intake manifolds – it produced 400 h.p. When Jenkins took the car to Bonneville in October of 1935 he set two new speed records: a one hour average speed of 153.97 mph and the 24-hour mark at 135.57. Learn more about the Mormon Meteor and view a period film in our earlier coverage.

Duesenberg Special Mormon Meteor

  • Harry Yeaggy’s Best of Show winning 1935 Duesenberg Special Mormon Meteor.

The car was restored by Chris Charlton’s Classic Car Services, in Oxford, Maine. The famous Duesenberg’s first major win was the Best of Show award at the 2007 Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance. Since then it has won about half a dozen other such awards at all of the important concours in the country.

The images courtesy of Steve Natale. At the end of the post view last year’s edition of the Arizona Concours D’Elegance and view last year’s video. 

Clark Gable's 1935 SSJ Duesenberg Roadster

  • Early morning view of Gary Cooper’s 1935 SSJ Duesenberg Roadster from the Collier Collection.

Duesenberg Model J Phaeton

  • Duesenberg Model J Phaeton.

Supercharged Auburn Speedster

  • Supercharged Auburn Speedster.

Chrysler Imperial Phaeton

  • Chrysler Imperial Phaeton.

Pope Hartford Touring Car

  • Pope Hartford Touring Car.

1323 PII Rolls-Royce Salon

  • 1932 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental Figoni & Falaschi – Prince of Nepal.

IMS Duesenberg and Frot Drive Miller Racing Cars

  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway Duesenberg and Front Drive Miller Racing Car.

1890's Benz Roadster

  • 1890’s Benz Roadster.

1937 Ford Eifel Roadster - Coachwork by Stoewer

  • 1937 Ford Eifel Roadster – Coachwork by Stoewer.

View the video (below) courtesy of the Arizona Concours D’ Elegance of last year’s event and arrive early and take it in at next years car week in Scottsdale.

10 responses to “Duesenberg Mormon Meteor Wins 2016 Arizona Concours D’Elegance Best of Show

  1. That’s not Harry in the photos, it is his car collection manager. Both great guys, just trying to keep the captions accurate. Thanks for the great site! Ed Minnie

  2. In 2014, Mrs. B took me to the Elegance at Hershey. The Mormon Meteor was one of the featured machines. It was absolutely stunning. I have been collecting pictures of that car since before I knew what it was or its significance. If anybody is within a days drive to see it, make the effort. The castings are perfectly proportioned, detailed at every square inch, and the car is huge. Can you imagine bombing around in that at 150mph? That would be so cool! You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face with a two by four! All in all a fine presentation. (Incidentally, Mrs B. ferreted out a navy blue Maserati. Her taste is superlative.).

  3. I saw that Duesy at the final Canton Ohio Concours a couple years ago and was blown away by it’s mere presence. Oversized yet graceful all at once, the car is an exercise in sheer excess.

    I was lucky enough to be standing behind that huge chrome exhaust pipe when they fired it up, and I’ve never heard anything like it outside of an airshow. (Lycoming?)

  4. The Mormon Meteor is an excellent combination of streamlining AND elegance (not to mention the 400HP!!!) Of particular body design note, is the SINGLE Headlamp!, Plus elegant fender “Running/ Marker lamps. I’ll betcha that the one lamp had the LATER PRE-FOCUSED 32 CP (LOW) and 50 CP for HIGH beam! It may have also been a “SPECIALLY prepared (even higher CP level) bulb and there is also a possibility that the Lens in the lamp door was also hand crafted to provide good nightime coverage of the road, with one lamp. E dwin – 30 –

  5. For those of us that are not able to attend this event, it would be wonderful to have a video that would be a documentary of each of the most significant cars – “slow” enough to view the complete design and detail of each of the vehicles. I did enjoy the “fast” video, that left me wanting to see more! Thanks to everyone.

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