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Five Fun Friday Forties, Fifties, and Sixties Kodachrome Images

It is Friday again and time for number forty-two in the Fun Friday Kodachrome Image Series. Today’s lead photo shows two young boys posing in front of a repainted root beer-colored three-window coupe. This popular car is accessorized with: a spotlight, fog lights, clamp on rear view mirrors and fender skirts. This is an easy automobile to identify so tell us not only the year and make, but also the model number and your caption for what these little sidewalk warriors are commiserating about.

As is the practice with this series, we ask our readers to tell us the year, make and model of all of these vehicles along with anything else of interest in the photos. You can look back on all the earlier parts of this series here. The photos are via Americar.

Thirties Plymouth Sedan

  • A pair of prewar four door sedans in a parking lot are pictured next to a postwar coupe.

1940s Olldsmobile

  • A prewar “aerodynamic” two door sedan or coupe styled by a famous designers studio.

Late Fifties Pontiac Sedan

  • An elderly couple’s late fifties two door hardtop followed by a competing automakers product.

Early Sixties Oldsmobile

  • Tell us what year and model this station wagon is and the approximate year of the license plate.

29 responses to “Five Fun Friday Forties, Fifties, and Sixties Kodachrome Images

  1. Love that first photo! ’36 Ford coupe?

    The car in the 4th photo is a brown-shoe brown & white ’55 Pontiac Chieftain Catalina 2-door hardtop. Looks like a ’55 Dodge parked behind.

    The car stopped in the stream in the 5th photo is a ’60 Oldsmobile Fiesta wagon; from the ‘dog-dish’ wheel covers, I’d guess that it’s a Dynamic 88 rather than a Super 88.

    • The 1960 Olds wagon has a New York plate. It’s either a 1958 base tabbed in black for 1959, or a ’62 base tabbed for 1963. For a 1959 registration the Olds would be virtually new, so probably 1963is more likely.

  2. 1st pic looks like a mid-30’s Ford. “The parade starts in 10 minutes, and you are still in your PJ’s?” What is that on the hubcap? 2nd pic, someone is mighty proud of their mid-30’s Plymouth. Looks better than the early 50’s Dodge next to it. Plate looks like 1954. 3rd, is a ’41 Olds with 1947 Ohio plate. 4th is a ’55 Poncho with a ’57 Michigan plate., and last is a 1960 Olds that someone got a wet foot to get this picture. Plate looks like N. Carolina or NY, 1962.

  3. Photo number two features a 1936 Plymouth in the center and what could be a 1950 Dodge coupe to the right. The simple alpha-numeric license plates indicate a smallish licensing authority and that round sign looks like it might be from outside of the USA . Judging by the snow, rust and vintage American cars perhaps way south of the border around Argentina?

      • I agree that the license plates could well be Utah, although the color in the photo appears to be black and white vs green and white that Utah used that year. But that could be due to age of the old photo.
        In order to make my premise fit I started imagining that the photo was taken in a country where folks were still driving pre-war cars in slop and snow on into the nineteen fifties. Not a typical practice in the USA. And that sign still looks like it would be more at home outside of the USA. Hmmm

  4. #1 36 Ford five window coupe with custom hubcap. I have seen the cap before but can’t remember what make it is. The spot is probably a Unity. #2 36 Plymouth , looks like a top of the line model with the front horns and the vertical bumper guard in the center. #3 41 Oldsmobile Series 76 Club Sedan De Luxe. #4 55 Pontiac, I remember the day in Oct 54 when I laid my eyes on the very first 55 Pontiac of my life time. The lady across the street from us taught piano and the mother of one of her students was driving it. I thought that was the prettiest car I had ever seen. I still have an affection for them to this day. #5 a 60 Oldsmobile looks to need a wash job maybe that is why he was stopped on the dam.

  5. The plate on the ’55 Pontiac is Wayne County, Michigan, where Detroit, Dearborn and other western suburbs are located. I believe that Wayne County started with A through F then.

    • I grew up in Wayne, Michigan (Wayne County) which is about 15 miles west of Detroit and I could easily imagine the houses along that street being in Wayne. Looks like early springtime with emerging leaves and grass already growing again. Maybe they were either coming or going to church.
      It looks like the front bumper on that Pontiac is in need of a little adjustment, bumper jack influence perhaps?. 1955 was Pontiac’s first V8 and this one was probably a very nice car to drive.

  6. A nice ’36 Ford Three Window Coupe in the first photo. I love the after-Market hubcaps, been looking for a set of them for my ’39 Ford Convertible Sedan for twenty years… No luck jet…

  7. The station wagon is indeed a 1960 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88. The model cue is the tail light lenses. The Super 88 and 98 lenses differed, with the addition of a horizontal chrome bar across the front

  8. 1st photo: 1936 Ford Model 68 three window coupe

    2nd photo: 1936 Plymouth P2, left a 1937 Buick sedan and right 1950 Dodge

  9. The ’36 Ford 3 window is an early mild custom. Along with the flipper caps, it sports fender skirts, single spot light, peep mirrors and fog lights. It also has a root beer paint job. Neat custom The ’55 Pontiac is a top of the line Star Chief in Firegold and Ivory. A friend of mine had one just like it.

  10. The brown & white Pontiac is a Star Chief Custom Long wheelbase Big trunk , sneak a lot of your friends into the drive in. They only came in brown & white & turquoise & white. The convertible was also available in red. Plain non Custom Star Chiefs had a wider range of colors as did the short wheelbase models. My family had the Turquoise & white. Paint didn’t hold up under the Az. sun.

  11. The 36 Ford 3 window is one any car guy would go nuts for today, I would guess this picture to be taken in the late 40s or early 50s . I saw a set of those “Hollywood” flippers at Hershey last fall for BIG bucks. I would rather see more of the Buick and less of the Mopars in the second picture! The 41 Olds reminds me of one a older lady drove to our church way up into the 70s when she passed away, her grandson ran it in a demo derby a few years after that, I could have beat him for that as he wouldn’t sell it to anyone that wanted to restore it. The 55 Pontiac is exactly like the one one of Dads co-workers had than got passed down to his son that was my age who prompty when through the hydromatic doing burnouts. I thought those 60 Oldsmobiles were ugly when I was a kid but they have kind of grown on me now, another sign that I am getting old I guess.

  12. Being a car guy with a love for Ford first the picture of the 36 is awesome.
    Instead of studying the cars …….This picture brought a huge smile on my face ……just imagining what we’re these 2 super car kids thinking and chatting about.
    A great picture for my computer as an opening page.
    Thanks for the smile maker.

  13. 1st photo….the ’36 Ford 3 window coupe also sports optional accessorydealer installed vent window wings. Not standard equipment on any 1936 Ford.

  14. The Maroon Olds is a 1941 Dynamic Cruiser De Luxe Club Sedan. A little extra bling on the fenders. Possibly has a Hydramatic Trans. Yes it was indeed A Harley Earl design, or it came out of his design studio. Lots of unrecognized talent in that studio.

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