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Take a Ride in the Scaldwell’s Sensational JAP V8-Powered GN

Goodwood Road & Racing in the UK has recently announced that at the 74th Members’ Meeting, a road racing event on the Goodwood course a new class will be added to the program. The new race has been named the “S.F. Edge Trophy” and the cars that are eligible are “Edwardian racing specials of a type that raced up to 1923.”

As part of the lead up to this event Goodwood Overdrive Classics as produced a series of videos of some of the aircraft–engined Edwardian racing cars that will take part in this new competition. Richard and Anne Scaldwell’s JAP V8-Powered GN that has been featured here earlier is one of the cars the will race and Anne will be behind the wheel. Richard will run his 1909 16.5 liter Loraine De Dietrich racing car that we hope to feature here later.

Follow along below with Richard as he takes you out for a ride in this very exciting automobile and tells you more about it. The lead photo is courtesy of Stefan Marjoram.

3 responses to “Take a Ride in the Scaldwell’s Sensational JAP V8-Powered GN

  1. I would imagine the major problem with a layout like this is the cooling imbalances among the cylinders, the ones to the rear getting less and less cooling air. I would also imagine, metallurgy being what it was back then, that this would create some seizure events along the way. Could be wrong, but this is one of the reasons Ducati stuck with their V-twin layout where the back cylinder is not completely blocked by the front one.

    • There seems to be plenty of air running around. However, if cooling imbalance was a problem perhaps running the rear cylinders richer and/or at slightly lower compression would avoid the risk of seizure.

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