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Five Fun Friday Fifties and Sixties Kodachrome Images

It is Friday once again, and we are back with number forty-six in the popular Kodachrome Image Series. Today’s lead photo shows a business that, ahem, you could really clean up in. This colorful promotional photo of a “Tiny Tot” Diaper Service panel truck has that crisp and clean look that a mom could identify with. Don’t miss the mascot above the windshield, and do tell us all about the truck.

As is the usual practice with this series, we ask our readers to tell us the year, make, and model of all of these vehicles along with anything else of interest in the photos. You can look back on all the earlier parts of this series here. Four of the photos are via Americar.

Late-1950s Rambler and Ford

  • This 1950s image of a coastal scene with a fish and lobster market.

Late-1950s Cadillac Limousine

  • What at first looks like an Elvis sighting appears to have been a wedding party on the move.

1960s VW Micro Bus

  • Vehicles from the 1930s and the sixties in a winter setting. Note the WWII gas rationing sticker on grandpa’s plain Jane Chrysler Products coupe. 

Early-1960s Plymouth

  • This photo shows just how large the trunks of big American sedans were in the late-1950s and 1960s.

32 responses to “Five Fun Friday Fifties and Sixties Kodachrome Images

  1. Champlins Market in Narragansett RI. Fresh off the boat in 1959-60. A nice color combination on the Rambler wagon, 1958 I think. It has white over black RI plates. The 1959 Ford is a black wall base model. The car behind is a full size GM from the mid 50s, judging by the front of the roof. My family spent two weeks at Pt. Judith for several years around the same years. Happy days.

    • Appears to be 55-56 Cadillac Series 60, based on window lines & roof overhang. Only the 60 and the basic 6 window sedan (6219) had that overhang. The de Villes (Sedan de Ville was introduced in 1956, along with the Seville) had roofs flush with the windshield.

        • I was referring to the car behind the 1959 Ford in the SECOND photo, not the Series 75 in the third. Also, as the B pillar is not chrome, I’d say this is a Model 6219 (Six-window Sedan), the base Cadillac model.

  2. 2nd pic: circa 1958 Rambler classic wagon and a 1959 bottom-level Ford Custom
    3nd pic from left to right: a 1962 Chevy wagon; I think by the look of the rear fender, a circa 1946-48 Ford Wagon; in the background a circa 1957-58 Mopar wagon (Plymouth or Dodge) passing by; in the middle a 1959 Cadillac limousine; then again in the background a 1960 Oldsmobile convertible and at the right a 1961 Buick.
    4th pic a 1961 Chevy in the background
    last pic a 1960 Plymouth Fury

    • 2nd foto..from hood and rear fender appears to be a 46-7 Mercury wagon, Chevy wagon is top o ‘ the line ’62 Bel
      Air 4 door Nomad, ’61 Buick is an Electra, and the ’59 Cadillac is Series 75….could be a 9 passenger carrying the wedding party to the reception… not the limo taking the wedding couple off to the airport for the honeymoon- no chasjng guests, convoy, clouds of rice , handlettered sign or tin cans. the party everyone came for is somewhere just about to begin… the father of the bride has just begun the most expensive part of the celebration, probably more than the honeymoon, and that’s just the beginning … in this kind of family chidren, especially daughters never go far away. Oh, the joy of the occasion!!! I jest.

  3. See “The Big Sleep” with Humphrey Bogart. His example had a pistol in a drop down dash board compartment.

  4. VW switched to the round turn signals after 61. That would be a pretty new microbus. Mid level trim, the kombi had less windows and the deluxe had more

  5. Wow, I have not seen a “base” 59 Ford that is “that base” since they came out ! And 2 of the ones that I seen were municipal county cars ! Very cool, thanks as always !

  6. Oh come on, am I the 1st to think this? 1st pic, what a crappy job,,,truth be known, diaper services was a huge business before disposable diapers. ( 27.4 billion disposable diapers are used every year in the US alone) Just look, truck #126. My parents used a service called “Dy-Dee Wash”, and a panel van like this would show up and pick up the “dirty” diapers and deliver nice fresh new ones. ( still say they were the best polishing rags around) The truck is a pretty new ’56 IH “S”model ( only year for this model) Apparently, “Tiny Tots” is still in business, and seems to be a West Coast business.
    2nd pic, I believe the Rambler is a basic ’59 “6” model.
    3rd pic, wedding party in the limo and the woodie wagon, with the spare tire on the back, looks like a late ’40’s Ford or Mercury. Looks a little out of date compared to the new looking ’62 Chevy next to it.
    4th pic, looks like a ’38 Plymouth with what appears to be a 1964 NY license plate and the VW has amber turn signals, meaning it’s a ’65 or newer.
    Last pic, the Cleaver’s are going fishing. Ward Cleaver drove a 1960 Plymouth, although, this appears to be a top of the line Fury ( with stainless trim) Can anybody ID the outboard? Looks like a Champion. Thanks for the photos.

  7. The outboard hanging off the transom in the last shot look like a Mighty Mite 1.7 hp. I have one that I used on the dink [sic] that I towed behind my Alberg 22. Sill have it, great little motor.

  8. May just be the light but it looks like a leather or vinyl top on the 59 Caddy limo, haven’t seen that often or if at all. Perhaps custom work If it is, though the Sevilles and 60 Specials had coated roofs . Don’t know if that was an option on series 75s or not, but then you could order a lot of one offs with enough money , or have Durham custom fabricate.

  9. The 1st picture outside Champlin’s Market where you can see the roof of a GM body. I believe the car in question is a ’55or ’56 Cadillac 62 sedan.

  10. Oops, meant to say the Seville’s and 1960 60 Special wore vinyl ( can’t recall what Cadillac called the material) and long before it became common practice at that.

  11. Getting back to that Rambler wagon, I think it’s a ’59. I also like the ’59 Ford, even though it’s a base model. To me, they were nice looking cars.

  12. Ford did have “business sedan” for 59, very low production. Most likely a 223 six, with a three on the tree manual trans. Nice looking car to boot. On another note, years ago when I first this certain friend, she would not let pick her up from her driveway, she was really embarrassed about something. Turns out, the something was here father’s car, a Rambler wagon. Personally, the make of car did not concern me, but the size of her father did. Lol
    Great memories, great site.

  13. That diaper truck wouldn’t work out so well in this age of cell phones. Imagine the frantic 911 calls to report a baby riding in a non-safety seat.

  14. When I look at the picture of the VW and the 38 Plymouth its intriguing to realize that the Plymouth is ‘only’ about 24-25 years old. Having spent many hours and busted knuckles on VW’s I can’t help but think that the technological difference between the two vehicles wasn’t all that great.

  15. I imagine the ’38 Plymouth belonged to “Grandpa”, who refused to part with it. You can see from the shine on it that it was meticulously cared for and garaged. When the old boy died, even though it had 38K on the odometer, the family likely sold it off to a junkyard, because it was “just an old car”….

  16. They say that those driver jobs for diaper services were one of the worst jobs on the planet.No provision was made for the driver to shield him from the stench of used diapers.Ya either had to be really desperate or have no olfactory nerves in your nose.

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