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Thomas “Kid” Hawkins – Car Enthusiast , Boxer, and Aviator

Thanks to research by reader Tin Indian we now know more “Kid” Hawkins, who was featured here earlier this week with his Locomobile roadster. Today he is pictured in the lead photo with a late-1920s or 1930 Stutz or “Black Hawk” that has been converted into a roadster with a new rear section. The Stutz images in this post are from the Smith Hempstone Oliver Collection courtesy of The Revs Institute Research Library.

Thomas “Kid” Hawkins was originally from Washington, NC apparently, and also known as “Ace” Hawkins. The photo and article below from “The Afro American” Dec. 15, 1934 issue pictures Hawkins and the airplane he announced he was to fly nonstop across the Atlantic in 1934, it also includes his background information.

Thomas Halkins and Airplane

  •                                       Thomas “Kid” Hawkins and his “Black Hawk” airplane.

“Seeks Thirty-Thousand Dollar Prize – Thomas “Kid” Hawkins, colorful New Yorker, who is a former resident of Washington N.C. has made known plans to compete this spring for the $30,000 prize which is offered to the first colored pilot who successfully spans the Atlantic Ocean on a non-stop flight.

The plane, a special-built cabin model, has been christened “Black Hawk,” and is at the Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, N.Y.

The airman is a former heavy-weight boxer. For several years, he conducted an athletic club. At present, he owns and operates a storage garage and transfer company. He plans to fly to his hometown for Christmas.”

  • Hawkins and a mid-1920s Stutz touring car.

Mid-1920s Stutz touring car

8 responses to “Thomas “Kid” Hawkins – Car Enthusiast , Boxer, and Aviator

  1. Even Wikipedia has no listing for Thomas “Kid” Hawkins… or Thomas “Ace” Hawkins.
    I would be very interesed to learn more about this fellow.
    Any suggestions?

    • Good Day: I met Kid Hawkins in Brooklyn, New York in 1960. He lived in the downtown area. He once showed me an article about himself which I think was featured in one of the New York dailies .
      He offered me a few bucks for any discoveries.

  2. I’ll bet he got quite wet driving that fender-less Stutz! And cold with all that snow about. Unless maybe the photo was shot outside the coachbuilder’s shop on a day he visited and the fenders had not yet been attached. There does not appear to be anywhere to attach them though.

  3. Sounds like an interesting subject for a book or a movie. Now I’m going to spend the next week obsessing over more information on the flight of the Black Hawk.

  4. His plane resembles a Ryan B-5, its range would have to have been increased by greater than a factor of five to make a transatlantic crossing.

  5. Is the speedster in the top photo the car in the bottom photo? I need a better monitor. I see some obvious differences, but still see the base car looks the same. Any more info Tin Indian?

  6. Fast cars and airplanes were only a part of ” Kid
    Hawkin’s ” prized possessions, even in his older agen
    he still wanted to demonstrate his boxing skills. He
    challenge d anyone and no one accepted out of deference to his seniority. As previously stated, I was a teenager when I met him in 1960.

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