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Car Sales Turned Upside Down – Free Aeroplane Rides

Now that your attention has been captured we would like to share once again with you the work of Patty Allison at Imbued with Hues. Patty is a photo restorer, who also paints exceptional colorized digital images of period photographs and enjoys scenes including automobiles. She spends hours researching the subject and finding paint chips of the hues that were offered on the vehicles when new that she colorizes to provide an authentic representation of how a car could have appeared back in time.

Today’s lead image was taken at Lambert-Graves Motor Co., an Oldsmobile dealer that began operations as a garage in Saint Louis, MO in 1922. This photograph shows a 1928 or ’29 Oldsmobile sedan placed in a popular upside down position used in the 1920s to gain as much attention as possible from the car buying public passing by. The Motor Co. also had a Lincoln agency in the City at about the same time.

In addition to the eye-catching Olds – clever signage on a banner above the car and the bottom platform offering “An Aeroplane Ride FREE With Each Used Car Sale” is a lot more creative than today’s seamy sales pitches. View more of Patty Allison’s work at Imbued with Hues and here on The Old Motor.

1941 Packard final assembly line.

  • 1941 Packards on the final assembly line – note the proliferation of lights and the worker posing on the drivers side of the two-tone blue sedan in the foreground with a body hammer in his right-hand.

Models and Car at Drivein Restarant 1932

The Gilmore – Mobil Streamliner Gasoline Truck

  • A.F. Bach, an employee of both the Gilmore and Mobil Oil Companies poses with a 1934 White 730-731 truck fitted with a streamline cab and body designed by Wellington Everett Miller.  

1929 Graham-Paige car at California Palace of the Legion of Honor, Lincoln Park, San Francisco

  • An attractive 1929 Graham-Paige roadster at Lincoln Park in San Francisco.

Streamlite Camp Trailer and 1937 Lincoln Zephyr

  • Lakeside camping with a sammon-colored Streamlite trailer and a metallic blue Lincoln Zephyr.

1950 Oldsmobile Sedan

  • A well-dressed woman posing with a 1950 Oldsmobile sedan in a big city environment.


6 responses to “Car Sales Turned Upside Down – Free Aeroplane Rides

  1. Great photos and great “Patty-work” ! I receive her photos from her F-Book page, and each one is “how on earth did she do that ?” moments. Thanks David and Patty

  2. Wow! Using the original body color gives incredible results. Man with a hammer in second picture was called a ‘ding-man’ they were skilled at fixing minor metal flaws without breaking the paint.

  3. Thank you for showing the 1941 Packard Assembly lines! The ’41 Henney bodied Hearse of my youth (with added turquoise gingham curtains to liven IT up!!!) went through here on its way to have the Ambulance / Funeral Coach body applied by Henney. ith its Straight 8 and Overdrive transmission it would average better than 15 MPG at 65 MPH. The V-16 Cadillac Hearse that challenged me to a race, — didn’t stand a chance! Packard won the night!!! Edwin – 30 –

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