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The Georgia Peach Volvo 122s will get a Judson Supercharger

A month ago we introduced you to the “Georgia Peach”, a 1968 Volvo 122s station wagon of ours that has finally made it into the workshop. The only time spent on the car since was a couple of hours to straighten out a carburetor jet issue and it has been used since only for local travel. In the meantime, a list of maintenance and repairs that need to be done is made for when time permits this summer.

The photo below shows a Judson Supercharger on a 1960s Volvo P1800 coupe being used for modern vintage events and it gives you a good view of one of the units on the right-hand side of the engine. Years ago I had a one of these blowers on a 122s for a while and appreciated the extra power and the way it transformed the car.

P1800 Volvo with Judson Supercharger

  • Judson Supercharger instalation on a 1960s Volvo P1800. Image courtesy of Ben Buja.

A call to an old friend about a few parts needed for the car led to learning about a Judson unit that I was able to purchase. It was completely taken apart, but whoever disassembled it was very careful and none of the pieces were harmed in any way. Included with the belt-driven blower are the original carburetor, air cleaner, idler pulley, crankshaft pulley and all of the original throttle linkage.

Judson Internals

  • The intake side of the cast iron blower housing is on the left – the exhaust ports in the center – the aluminium rotor and sliding phenolic vanes on the right. Photo courtesy of John Morton.

This period-correct positive displacement axial-vane type of supercharger is capable of producing seven psi of boost and 30% or more horsepower – does not change the way a car operates in traffic and at slow speeds – and can be installed in an afternoon without altering the car. When we return the history of the Judson blower and coverage of the rebuilding process of this one will follow.

In the meantime check out the short video below of a modern Judson supercharger installation on a 122s and note the unique sound and quick throttle response. Take a look back at Part One of the series here.

13 responses to “The Georgia Peach Volvo 122s will get a Judson Supercharger

  1. The actual translation is a bit more colorful but even that doesn’t properly contain my enthusiasm for the future of your ‘Georgia Peach’.
    Source: Years ago a friend in the Volvo club- (yes, I also run a 122S…) had a stunning light blue ’65 1800S with the ’70’s era, blue/ yellow California plates with the vanity sequence ‘Skit Bra’. It was an appropriate plate for the car….
    Good luck with your Volvo.

  2. That wagon is SO nice. Is that the Simplex Speed Car in front of the P220? The pictures which you have posted of your shop create serious shop envy. You are a fortunate fellow.

  3. Had one of these on my Bugeye Sprite many years ago. Not sure how much power it actually added, but using Castrol R bean oil in the attached Marvel Mystery Oiler lubricating unit certainly produced the “aroma” of speed. I took it off some years later and put an ad in the paper. The fellow who showed up wanted to know if it would fit his Fiat 850. “Dunno” I said, “it’s about the same size engine, you could try.” Never heard back…. Do remember to this day that it came from Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. You need the Judson Electronic Magneto to go with this.

  4. I am looking forward to following this project. I have always loved Volvo 122s’s but Saabs and Studebakers have always seemed to have gotten in the way of getting one. The supercharged wagon should be great fun!

  5. Years ago I bought my wife her first own car, a Volvo 122 two door sedan with an automatic transmission.
    I found in a road side field in NH, it looked rough and had no grille. Not a bad deal for $ 40, towed it home and fixed the electrics. My wife drove it for a couple of years and loved it. Seven Volvos later she still liked it the best.

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