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Cadillacs at Work on the Streets of Brockton, Massachusetts

Brockton, Massachusetts, the seventh largest city in the state is located about twenty miles south of Boston. The municipality officially became a city in 1881 and soon afterward became one of the most productive shoe manufacturing and leather-working centers in the country. The citizens of the City with a largely blue collar population included famous boxers Rocky Marciano “The Brockton Blockbuster” a native and Marvin Hagler both were trained in the City.

Today we have chosen three images from the Digital Commonwealth Collections of working Cadillacs photographed out on the job. The lead photo by the Hudson Studio of Brockton shows an early single cylinder model in Campello, a village in the City advertising an herbal liver and kidney medicine.

Circa 1920 Touring Car - Brockton MA

Mayor Gleason is posed above behind the wheel of a battered Cadillac touring car. In a later image below the Brockton Fire Chief’s Cadillac and officers are in front of Mayor Keith’s home. Both photos are courtesy of the Brockton Public Library. We are going to let our readers tell us the exact years models and models of these three automobiles.

Circa 1920 Brockton Fire Dept. Roadster

6 responses to “Cadillacs at Work on the Streets of Brockton, Massachusetts

  1. The mayor looks like he is driving a staff car from the 2nd Infantry Division from WW I. That would make it a 1918 Cadillac.

  2. In my opinion the older car is either a 1906 model K runabout or a 1906 model M touring car with the rear seats removed. The Mayor´s car is 1917 model 55 touring.

  3. I was trying to work out whether the third car, the fire chief’s roadster had front wheel brakes or not but, to me, other things about the car say it is a Type 61.

  4. I agree with Bill Mack.It’s probably a veteran brought back from Europe.They actually shipped some of the war wearies back to the states.

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