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Mystery Cars Waiting for a Drink and Out on the Prairie

Updated – Readers Robbie Marenzi and Chris Paulsen have indentifed the car in the lead image as a Tourist that was built in Los Angeles, California.

It has been a while since we have featured an early mystery car and today’s post contains a pair of circa 1906-’08 thirty-forty h.p. models with attractive toy tonneau coachwork for our readers to identify.

The lead image taken in front of the Pleasant Valley Hotel Bar is titled “Waiting for a Drink”. The setting is Coalinga, California, located in Fresno County in the Central Valley Region. Since the young man behind the is wheel wearing a chauffeur’s hat and coat it is assumed that he is waiting for his boss or a party inside the watering hole having a liquid refreshment. The image is courtesy of the Michael J. Semas Collection.

Mystery Early Automobile

Update – The car is a C-F that was produced by the Cornish-Friedberg Motor Car Company located at 1233 Michigan Ave. Chicago, Ill, between 1907-’09. According to the “The Automobile” May 23, 1907, issue it was a lower-priced car powered by an L-head 30-h.p. engine backed up by a two-speed planetary transmission. It was first identified by contributor and friend Ivan Pozega, and later reader Richard Tubbs and Terry M found a photo of a slightly later model online.

Pictured below are a pair of views of another slightly larger circa 1906-’07 thirty-forty h.p. automobile also fitted with toy tonneau bodywork. The photographs were taken on a farm in an unknown location and show either the owner with his four children or a hired car and driver. Note the building in the background with a “sawtooth” roof and windows to admit extra light.

The “CF” oversized monogram on the radiator core is of the type usually added by an owner to identify a personal possession, but there is also a chance it was installed by the maker of the car. The photos are courtesy of Jim Benjaminson, via Cars of the 1900’s to 1930’s.

Circa 1906-'08 Touring Car

Mystery Circa 1906 Touring Car

11 responses to “Mystery Cars Waiting for a Drink and Out on the Prairie

  1. I’m quite sure that the building with the “sawtooth roof” is a chicken coop.

    Unconfirmed info found on Jim Benjaminson’s Facebook post:

    It was the only C-F ever registered in North Dakota. C-F’s were only built for two years.
    T. O. Thompson family, near Nekoma, North Dakota – all parties in the vehicle are known.

  2. I think I found the first car, California made 1909 Tourist probably the larger four cylinder Type H.

  3. The first photo, “waiting for a drink” looks like a Los Angeles-built Tourist. I believe it would be one of the last they built, either 1908 or 1909. I didn’t see any photos in a quick online search, and didn’t have a chance to check print sources, so it’s really just a semi-educated guess. Chris

  4. David,
    Wow, I thought I knew something about early autos. But I’ve never even heard of a C-F. We always learn something new on this site. Thank you.

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