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An Interesting Set of Long Island, New York Parking Lot Images

Freeport, Long Island is the scene of today’s circa 1949 images of two municipal parking lots in the Village that appear new enough to be constructed in the postwar years. Freeport is located within the town of Hempstead in Nassau County only 22-miles from the New York City borough of Queens on the South Shore of the Island.

The lead image contains both pre and post-war automobiles that were produced by all of the US automakers that survived through World War II, and Kaiser Motors a post-war start-up. The earliest car in both pictures appears to be a 1935 Ford three-window coupe, and we will leave it to the postwar car sleuths in the audience to tell us what are the newest and most notable automobiles in both views.

The photos are courtesy of the New York Heritage Digital Collections.

1930s-1940s Cars in a Long Island Parking Lot Scene

18 responses to “An Interesting Set of Long Island, New York Parking Lot Images

  1. Love the first photo with all of the orphan makes. Hudsons, a Willys, Kaiser, Studebaker and the 39-40 Mercury coupe at the end. Is that a Graham back end at center left?

  2. Many pre-war cars, even 5 plus years after WWII, interesting.
    My father had a ’39 Plymouth coach up ’till about 1951.

  3. Interesting there is only one convertible in each picture and no station wagons. Several cars from the mid 30’s are still in service.

  4. What is that car on the far right of the top picture? The one facing away from the camera with the split rear window parked between the step down Hudson and the Chevy.

  5. Nearest car in the first photo is a 1948 Olds 98 convertible, first of the “Futuramic” Oldsmobiles and last of the straight 8s. The Rocket V8 was introduced in ’49. In the facing row, between the Dodge and the Nash, is a 1946 or 47 Olds 98 sedan that carried forward the pre-war styling.

  6. I oohed & ahhed over the transformation of cars from the late ’40s through the 50’s, anticipating for the new designs every September, like most people did.
    But the Lincoln coupe up against the fence in the first picture was, is, and always will be, cool.

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