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The Amador Garage and a Los Angeles Repair Shop and Filling Station

The Amador Garage, located in Dublin, California is one of two 1920s filling stations featured today. The City is located about twenty-five miles southeast of Oakland in the East Bay region and just north of Pleasanton. At the time this postcard image was taken it was a rural community; the town was founded by Irish immigrants in the 1850s.

The Gasoline Station and Garage were operated by LeRoy Myers, second from the right with his son is standing in front of him, and his employees at his sides. Out front at the gasoline pump island, Associated Gasoline was dispensed from a pair Bowser electric pumps, just to the left is a Reo passenger car that was converted into a tow truck. The photo is courtesy of the Online Archive of California.

Below is an image of a combination gasoline station, auto supply, and repair operation located somewhere in a prosperous area of Los Angeles. Left-to-right in the circa mid-to-late twenties photo is a large-sized touring car, an open fronted Rolls-Royce town car and a Packard fitted with an accessory grille guard. The photo is via Benjamin Ames.

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1920s Rolls Royce and Packard at a California Gas Station

12 responses to “The Amador Garage and a Los Angeles Repair Shop and Filling Station

  1. The cash register is a hand cranked National. My Grandfather had a similar one that was all brass in his haberdashery.

  2. The National Cash Register appears to be a 900 Class machine. It does have a hand crank on the right side, but it is powered by an electric motor mounted on the back of the cabinet which is evidenced by the power cord running up to the overhead socket.

  3. Was the Amador Garage a Star Car dealer? The sign between the men appears to say, “Genuine Star Car Parts.”

  4. Sometimes it’s amazing how technologies of one type lead to another In early automotive technology — we know of Charles Kettering one of the Founders of DELCO (before G/M) & his VERY significant auto inventions!!! Kettering came from “National Cash Register’ where he developed a very efficient electric brush motor to MOTORIZE the NCR’s hand cranked Cash Register. FEW recognize him as ALSO the Inventor & Developer of the KLAXON Motorized Warning Horn , the originals being “RIGHT ANGLE DRIVE” with a very efficient 6 and/or 12 Volt motor — that utilizes ONE oiler to oil everything: (diaphragm ratchet & motor bearings from top to bottom via a hollow shaft to also oil the bottom motor bearing! OLDER electric NCR Registers are PRIZED in Rural Areas where an earlier NCR electric register IS AUGMENTED by its Hand Crank for POWER FAILURES —planned OR UN- planned ! Edwin W.

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