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1936 Lancia Astura Pininfarina Cabriolet Takes 2016 Pebble Beach Best of Show Win

Merriam-Webster defines, El·e·gance as dignified gracefulness or restrained beauty of style – tasteful richness of design or ornamentation, and these are the very same requirements that it takes for an automobile to win the coveted Best of Show award at the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance.

This sleek and sophisticated Lancia which was chosen for the top award at the Concours is owned by Richard Mattei of Paradise Valley, Arizona, who purchased it six years ago and had Jeff McDonald of Canby, Oregon, and his team re-restore it over a period of five years. The identity of the first owner is not known, but was found inside a hedge in England in 1962 and apparently was first delivered to a customer in the UK. Later after a restoration by Pininfarina, it was purchased by Eric Clapton who eventually sold it back to the coachbuilder, and it later ended up here in the US with a private party.

This Third Series 1936 Lancia “Astura” was produced by the Italian automobile manufacturer headquartered in Turin, Italy. It is powered by a sophisticated 181.42 c.i. (2973 cc) s.o.h.c. V-8 engine producing 82 h.p., backed by a four-speed transmission in a 131-inch wheelbase chassis.

It was one of a batch of six cars that a Lancia dealer in Biella, Italy, purchased from the automaker and named them “Tipo Bocca.” All six of the special cars were custom-bodied, and this particular one was sent to Pininfarina, the noted coachbuilder based in Torino, Italy at the time. Battista Farina’s firm designed and constructed the elegant Cabriolet bodywork embelished with avant-garde engraved wrap-around trim work, power top, distinctive windshield, basket weave upholstery, and fender skirts.

The photos are courtesy of Richard Michael Owen.

1936 Lancia Astura Pininfarina Cabriolet 2016 Pebble Beach Best of Show Winner I

2016 1936 Lancia Astura Pininfarina Cabriolet Pebble Beach Best of Show Winner

2016 Pebble Beach Best of Show Winner IV

2016 Pebble Beach Best of Show Winner III

2016 Pebble Beach Best of Show Winner IIII

2016 Pebble Beach Best of Show Winner V

1936 Lancia Astura Pininfarina Cabriolet I

2016 Pebble Beach Best of Show Winner II

2016 Pebble Beach Best of Show Winner VI

2016 Pebble Beach Best of Show Winner VII


15 responses to “1936 Lancia Astura Pininfarina Cabriolet Takes 2016 Pebble Beach Best of Show Win

  1. This is the most accurate write up I’ve seen on the car. Also, some of the loveliest pictures. Thanks, The Old Motor! We’re so proud of it!

  2. Great photos and coverage ! I am sure glad the engine picture was included. This car is so elegant, but of course some of my “hillbilly” background came through accidentally when I thought, “those wiper motors sure would mess up a fellows day in a head-on”…. then I remembered, this would be too precious to drive and
    wreck, ha ! Thanks for the coverage . Excellent as usual !

    • ABSOLUTELY!!! White walls would destroy the pure elegance, in fact totally out of character, would be bad taste.
      Nothing to do availability or not. Would Chanel wear sneakers?

  3. Today, August 24th, is Vincenzo Lancia’s birthday! It is about time one of his wonderful creations be honored at Pebble Beach.

  4. Interesting car and a very well done restoration. I’m just not seeing it though. If the Delehaye was anything but red it should have won. Also, whitewalls for the most part are an abomination.

  5. No white walls, the chrome and the sleek lines are enough to make the car. Great photos, thanks for the details of engine and interior.

  6. Beautiful car, but I am trying to figure out the head configuration. What is all that manifolding above the exhaust headers. With the plugs down low, I am wondering what the combustion chamber was shaped like, how the fuel was fed and where the cams were.

    • It was powered by an overhead camshaft 2,973cc V-8 with a vee angle of only 17 degrees. The narrow vee angle let Lancia employ one of the company’s more innovative ideas, a single cylinder head for both banks of the V-8. And their V-4 had an included angle of 11°( ! ) and one head.

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