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Tanner Motor Tours Limosines and Fageol Saftey Coaches in L.A.

The City of Los Angeles has long been a destination for travelers, and after an arrival by boat, train or bus and settling in visitors usually wanted to view all of the relevant sites in and near “The City of Angeles”. Tanner Motor Tours had a fleet of vehicles made up of Packard, Cadillac, and Lincoln limousines to pick up tourists at an arrival point for a trip to a hotel; the line, later on, used Fageol “Saftey Coach” buses to show sightseer’s the popular attractions in the area.

Tanner’s main office was located at 320 South Beaudry Avenue near downtown Los Angeles, and a branch was established at the new (1928) Beverly-Wilshire luxury hotel located next to Rodeo Drive; the Alexandria, Biltmore and Hayward Hotels were also serviced by the tour line. Tourists would be picked up in the morning at their hotel or ship and taken on a day-long journey seeing the sites. An exclusive tour ended up at Clover Field, in Santa Monica for an airplane ride and tour of Catalina Island.

Tanner Tours 1930 Cadillac Limo

  • The lead photo shows a 1929 Packard limousine, and above a 1930 Cadillac seven-passenger sedan.

Tanner Motor Tours Fageol Saftey Coach

  • The Fageol “Safety Coach” “Parlor Car” above and a double decker unit below. 

Fageol Double Decker Bus

Tanner Motor Tours Service Garage 1930

  • Tanner’s repair shop above with a Fageol “Saftey Coach” being serviced, and the paint and body shop below with a Packard limosine in for some refinishing work.

Tanner Tours Service Garage Paint Shop


11 responses to “Tanner Motor Tours Limosines and Fageol Saftey Coaches in L.A.

  1. The building which once housed Tanner Motor Livery is still standing in Pasadena on the East side of Pasadena Ave. Between Colorado & Green Streets. The building has been re-posted & is located just South of what was once a Mission style Texaco Station that is now a restaurant & barely recognizeable.

  2. Wow ! Very neat photos ! But…. the guy lighting a torch on the edge of a grease pit, with it pointed toward the grease, and those whirling wheels overhead ? Hmmm, perhaps not exactly what I would enjoy, but then us “moderns” aren’t used to normal situations like this. That last photo is funny… sanding, spraying, and filling out papers in the same area ! “Gee, Mrs. Jones, sorry about the paint smell and shiny coating on you bill”, ha ! Thanks David !

  3. A double decker Fagoel bus was parked next to the Goldfield, Nevada firehouse for a number of years. It bares the Greyline logo and Tanner was the Greyline tour operator during this time period.

  4. In the 5th photo, clearly the “boss” in the suit pointing to something. Can’t you just hear the mechanic, ” yeah, I got it”. Dangerous places, those shops back then. All those take-off’s spinning, what an archaic way of doing something. A shop like that today would be littered with warning labels, if allowed to operate at all. Funny, the torch hasn’t changed in all these years, though.

    • Sure they did – look up at the upper right of the photo: that’s what’s running the line-shaft !

      The RF tire on that Safety Coach in the same photo looks like a baloney skin ! :O

  5. OH YES! the electric motor IS there, upper right rear main shaft It would probably be a High horsepower (5) A.C. Single Phase “REPULSION START —INDUCTION RUN” Ring- Oiler, Poured Babbitt – PLAIN BEARING -“Century” Brand Commercial Motor 50 / 60 Cycles 1750 or 3450 R. P. M. . The Line Shaft(s) power: 4 machines, “He caught the shaft!” Applies here!!!, – each with its own Wooden-handled “DOG-CLUTCH are there, also seen are: Anvil with stump, – oxy-acetylene torch, TWO Chassis Maintenance/Repair Pits (with 2″ X 6” Safety Walking SLATS provision. These Worker positions and the “suit guy” are POSED. SO is the Body Shop scene . FAGEOL of Newark, California was the forerunner of “Peterbuilt” and is no doubt the manufacturer of the Bus & Double Decker buses. A typical early – on Bus engine was The famous HALL-SCOTT SOHC Inline Six of large C. I. Capacity is also from California. The Checker AEROBUS took over a lot of the Tour Activities in later years, — and now, there are air- conditioned Tour Busses that consume most of the road!!! —which limits access to some of the more interesting places that are STILL there! Edwin W.

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