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Lubritorium, Richfield Gas, Goodrich And Kelly Springfield Tires

Newport, Rhode Island, is located on the southernmost tip of Aquidneck Island on the Atlantic seacoast. It is well known for its Gilded Age mansions and for hosting the prestigious Americas Cup Race for a number of years. The City was also the home of this D. R. & D. Tire Co. station located at the northwest corner of Marlborough and Farewell Streets, pictured in the mid-1930s.

The tire retailer offered Goodrich and Kelly Springfield tires, and Richfield gasoline at three separate gas pump islands. The facility was equipped with a “Lubritorium” for grease jobs, oil changes and possibly light repairs. Full electrical repairs including battery service, ignition, starter and generator repairs were also specialty.

You can view over 200 other old gasoline station photos here. The photo is via Russell Stephen Rein at Vintage Service Station History.


10 responses to “Lubritorium, Richfield Gas, Goodrich And Kelly Springfield Tires

  1. Thank you for sharing this fabulous picture. I would not want to be working in the Lubritorium during the Newport winter. Brrr. I realize that the population would dwindle during the off season and thereby the work load would diminish; you wouldn’t be out there too often. Still, I would not relish hand pumping grease into a frozen car and changing oil in what is essentially outdoors during January. Perhaps the business closed for the winter, or, mechanics were made of stronger stuff back then.

  2. In the background, behind the trees, can be seen what is presently called the “Friends Great Meeting House.” This meeting house was originally built in 1699 and added to over the years, being the largest building between New York and Boston for many years. The Meeting House was used by the local Religious Society of Friends [Quakers] for worship. Friends’ Quarterly meetings and New England Yearly meetings were also held here for about 200 years. The building has been restored to what it may have looked like in Colonial Times and is presently owned by the Newport Historical Society.

    The gas station was located on the northeast corner of Marlborough and Farewell Streets, on what is now open ground in front of the Meeting House. Presently across the street from where the gas station stood is the White Horse Tavern.

    Newport is lucky for a tourist city, it generally had and still has a stable population.

    • You are correct, this station stood on the northeast corner. Currently the station is long gone and that corner is used as a community garden, looks great going by in the summer.

  3. 33 Chevy on the right; I need a bigger monitor to be positive. The bumper guards and spare tire cover are tough to find OEM. Nice looking place.

  4. Looks like – maybe – a circa 1931-32 lower price Chrysler product on the left. In the ‘Lubritorium’ could be something bigger – maybe a Cadillac from circa 1929-30?

  5. I changed oil in the winter at a so-called “Lubritorium” years ago.
    My hands got so red and chapped from washing them between jobs I had to refrain from washing them.
    Go-Jo didnt help either

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